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2014 has been and gone which means a new and exiting year for PPC advertisers. With a new year, we should expect to see new What Will Dominate PPC in 2015trends in the world of PPC advertising that will dominate 2015. By identifying these now will help advertisers better prepare themselves for the trends of 2015, so they can capitalise on PPC in 2015 even more. Without further ado, here are some trends that will, what I think, dominate PPC in 2015.



Mobile-Friendly Content

Every year, more and more portable and handheld electronic devices become readily available to consumers at a fraction of the price as compared to five or six years ago. For this reason, it has never been a better time than ever to make sure your landing page is optimised for all types of devices out there that have access to PPC.

Just think about the last time you Googled something. It doesn’t matter what you Googled, but how did you Google it? The vast majority of you probably done it on either a smartphone or tablet because it is easier to Google something on a smartphone or tablet than on a computer or laptop. It is a necessity to make sure that you are optimised for the mobility of devices since this is going to become the largest market for advertisers to target in PPC. Due to technological developments, PPC for laptops and computers will start to die away (not yet, but because the mobile industry is forever increasing in size, this will automatically make the computer/laptop side to PPC smaller and smaller).



Social Media Marketing

Another area that is constantly increasing in size is social media. Thousands upon thousands of people sign up to Twitter, Facebook and the likes of Google+ every day. I guess one of the main reasons for this is because of the devices available to consumers to purchase nowadays requires many social accounts to be linked to it in order for it to properly work. This makes it clear that the market you can advertise to through social media is always getting bigger. For this reason, be sure to take advantage of this by making campaigns to accommodate the social traffic.



Invisible Adverts

What I mean by ‘invisible adverts’ are adverts that do not appear as adverts. This could be because they are integrated into the content or they are displayed in such a way that makes them hard to perceive as an advert (because they have relevant information the web user will be genuinely interested in).

Adverts in PPC are becoming more and more contextual to the web user’s interests. For this reason, you are gong to find that you will not have to win over web users the cheap old fashion ways with big bright colours for image adverts and exclamation marks in text adverts. Instead, you will find by delivering an advert with content contextual to the web user’s interest will be enough to induce a click onto it.

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