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A few of the many reasons why people all across the world choose to use pay per click advertising are because it is Why You Need To Constantly Update Your PPC Campaignflexible to just about every advertiser’s needs and the results are instantaneous. I have noticed that for some campaigns, there is the tendency that once a campaign has been created, that is all the work done and dusted. This is not true for so many reasons (which I will highlight some of them below). Think of a PPC campaign as something with life. Over time, things about the campaign will change, fail, succeed, but, most importantly, change. Therefore, to make sure your PPC campaign is as effective as it was when you first created it on day one, you should always constantly stay updated with it and change things about it that need improving. Here are some reasons why.



The competition in your market should always be kept up to date by you. You should know everything they are releasing, about to release and all of the advertising campaigns associated with them. This is because if the competition makes any changes or updates to their campaign to accommodate some change, the chances are you need to make that same change or alter your campaign to update it to make sure it is still leading the market!

A really simply example of this is with the CPC you choose for your adverts. You may find that after a week, your competition may have increased their maximum CPC to outbid you for top spot. Therefore, if you want to regain it again, although costly, you will have to outbid them.



Time Of Year

It is only natural that unaltered campaigns generally do not produce the same level of success all year round. For this reason, make sure your campaign is up to date depending on when in the year it is running. This is best described with some examples:

  • In January, you could make use of new year resolutions, January sales and more to attract web users.
  • Summer is a time most people go on holiday: something to bare in mind with your PPC campaign.
  • September is a busy month as all the kids go back to school – this might affect your campaign.
  • As early as October starts the Christmas build up which is extremely important to capitalise on since the majority of businesses make the majority of their earnings for the year around Christmas.



Identify Hidden Errors

In simple terms, a campaign cannot be improved if it does not get updated constantly. Let’s be honest, every campaign that is created will not be perfect. There are always areas of improvement. This makes it clear that you should always constantly update your campaign to iron out the errors and potential mistakes you may have made throughout your campaign.

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