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Reinforcing what part one said, there are many different reasons why a PPC campaign isn’t making you money such as the landing page, CPC, and keywords. However, this is only three elements of a PPC campaign that may be a reason for it not being successful. As you will find out in this article, there are a lot more elements to to a campaign which can stop it making money. 



As you may have already read in a previous article of mine,  having a captcha on your landing page can really affect your conversion rate which will in turn not make you money. You don’t want to annoy your potential customers. Therefore, don’t use captchas.


Your Advert

It goes without saying that the advert you adopt to your campaign has a huge impact on the success of your campaign. It is the part of the campaign which aims to attract contextual traffic to your landing page. Therefore, it is important you make an advert that has a high likely chance of being clicked on: not just being clicked on by random people but people that are that likely to be interested with the contents of your landing page.


One way you can make your adverts perform better is through attempting to make your advert not look like an advert. An experiment was carried out that had parallel campaigns running with the only difference being the image adverts used. One was using a professional looking advert while the other was created in paint very quickly and ‘child like’. The paint advert actually managed to get a higher CTR than the professional looking advert. This goes to prove that sometimes you need to make your adverts simple so that they can be read easier and quicker to web users because they may provide you better results.


If you are looking to make your text advert better, you will certainly need to try and make the perfect PPC advert. Included in the article are some great tips that you should include in your advert which will encourage users to click on it. One of these tips is to use power words in your headline such as power, free, you, money etc… because they are the most powerful words in the English Vocabulary!



You have to keep reminding yourself that PPC is not like the lottery. Yes, you can create campaigns extremely quickly and provide results in minutes. However, this doesn’t mean that you will make money just as quickly. A lot of fine tuning is what makes advertisers their money in PPC. Don’t set too optimistic targets: especially early on.


Whatever reason you have for not making money in PPC, it is strongly recommended that you implement a contingency plan into your campaign. In PPC, always expect the unexpected. If you can do this, you will reduce the risk of things going wrong and if they do go wrong, reduce the deficit and damage it has caused to your campaign.

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