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I made an article last year which made clear that I was still unsure about my position on whether Why WordPress is Better than BloggerWordPress is a better blogging platform than Blogger or vice versa. At the time, I did have more experience with Blogger than WordPress which was probably why my review was still of uncertainty. However, after continuing to use WordPress, it has come to my clear view that WordPress is, by far, the better blogging platform to go for. Here are the main reasons why from running and maintaining several websites both in Google’s Blogger and WordPress.



#1 Developers Develop More Themes For WordPress

One of the first steps to creating a website is in picking a theme and sticking to it (I say this because a blogger could spend far too long trying to find and optimise a theme where the time could be spent better elsewhere).

With Blogger, there are many websites and developers that have made great themes for bloggers to use on Blogger. However, there many many more themes on the internet from many many more developers for WordPress based websites. This is because there is the possibility to make more money from selling a theme for WordPress websites than Blogger websites so developers target the market that is going to make them more money.

As well as this, you will also tend to find that the themes are more professionally designed too in WordPress, with more features than the equivalent Blogger theme.



#2 WordPress Plugins

The great thing about WordPress is that it is an open source platform. This means that anyone can make anything for WordPress. From this, the plugins market has millions of plugins to choose from where each will provide features that would either take a very long time to implement into a Blogger website or not possible at all.

Although some of the plugins will cost you a little to purchase and download, the majority of plugins are free, such as SEO plugins which have the potential to completely rejuvenate a failing WordPress website.



#3 You Control Everything

Although WordPress will be more costly than Blogger, the cost comes for a very valid reason. At the end of the day, Blogger is free because you do not have to pay for hosting – Google provides this. However, in allowing Google to provide this, it also means Google legally own everything they are hosting for you. So if you have a multi-million dollar website, in theory, Google will own it and have the power to shut it down and delete every article on the site, if they should so wish to (not that they would ever do that)!
With WordPress, because you have to purchase the hosting, you own everything about your website, down to every article and bit of data you stick onto the hosting storage. For many people that want to make a living from creating and maintaining websites, this is an absolute necessity to have full control over every aspect of their website.

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