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After looking at the features of Twitter and pay per click advertising, it can be seen that there is a strong link between Twitter and PPC. In making this link will help in applying some of the tips and tricks of Twitter to PPC helping to make your campaign perform to the best of its ability. As an advertiser, do not think PPC is unique because, in all fairness, it isn’t. It can be seen as a business and this article will look to prove that PPC is also like Twitter: the giant social media stratosphere. 


A Tweet Like An Text Advert

The first similarity between Twitter and PPC is by the means of how both programs display information to the reader. Twitter gives users the ability to create 140 character long messages to others. Bearing this in mind, PPC displays information to web users through the means of an advert which will be under 140 characters. Both ways of displaying information is precise, concise and to the point to get the message across as quickly and efficiently as possible.



Audiences To Advertise To

There is an argument whether advertising through social media sites will be more successful to the advertiser than advertising with PPC. More and more people are using social media sites like Twitter. Therefore, the audiences to advertise to on Twitter is constantly getting bigger and more diversified. In Twitter, there is a great chance to advertise products, services or promote a brand name easily: just like with PPC.



Bidding Wars

Twitter introduced a form of advertising to their social media site which saw advertisers bid for keywords for their tweets or advertising messages to be displayed at the top of trends to millions of Twitter users. From this, looking at it from the perspective of a PPC advertiser, it is a carbon copy of pay per click advertising. Bidding for keywords to gain ad position…didn’t Google come up with that idea back in 2000?



Landing Pages, Landing Pages and Landing Pages.

I saw this because if you are attempting to advertise with social media sites be it Twitter, Facebook or any other site, there will always be a link directing the traffic back  to your landing page. Whatever way you advertise on the internet, you will always require that the second to final step is for the traffic to reach your landing page (with the last step being the conversion). Twitter or PPC, your aim of the program is to get traffic to the landing page.


How Can This Help?

  • Twitter messages that gain most clicks are often informal and fun. Therefore, try and make your text advert sound more like a causal conversation on a social media site than a forced advertisement upon the web user to read.
  • To gain maximum publicity on Twitter, you need to get re-tweets, favorites and mentions to spread your message or, in this case, advertising message. This can be achieved through integrating social media buttons on your pay per click campaign’s landing page.

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