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Pay per click advertising is being used by million of millions of advertisers worldwide making it by far the number one way to advertise on the internet. The reasons for PPC’s domination may have been influenced by Google Adsense’s début back in 2000. However, another reason PPC has continued to progress as being the market leader in online advertising is because of the new potential advertisers it attracts. We are in a generation which is having a strong internet revolution. Therefore, as well as attracting new advertisers in general, PPC is attracting old advertisers to new forms of more efficient and effective advertising.


So the question is what makes new advertisers join pay per click advertising in the first place? What makes PPC so much more attractive to use than other forms such as , SEO, affiliate marketing or even in-text advertising?


Pay Only For Results

For new advertisers, this is a massive bonus which PPC has over all their competitors. Being ‘pay per click’, you only ever have to reach for your pocket for money when your advert gets clicked. You may have millions of ad impressions. If you don’t get a click onto your advert though, you won’t have to pay. This is great for new advertisers because it means they can experiment. Trying out a new form of advertising is a bit daunting for advertisers with little experience: especially when there is a chance that your lack of experience can waste you money.


No Waiting

Pay per click advertising provides literally instant results to a campaign. That is why PPC is the preferred method of advertising. You can start a fully functioning campaign in under five minutes. The benefit to this is that your time is not wasted. With rivals such as banner advertising, the typical time you buy advertising space for is 30 days whereas PPC can be from five minutes all the way up to years. It flexes what your objective is.


Learn To Improve

Like with most or nearly every advertising form, PPC aims to bring targeted traffic to a specific landing page you chose. Therefore, due to their being a landing page involved, you can place Google Analytics code on their to measure the healthiness of the traffic even more. From doing this will help new advertisers learn to improve upon their campaign. A new advertiser might jump straight into making a campaign but soon finds it difficult to gain conversions. With the help of analysing the landing page’s success, they can learn from their mistakes increasing the experience they have in PPC.


As well as this, the support PPC has on the internet cannot be beaten. As well as meaning Google and Microsoft customer support to AdWords and Ad Center, it also means the support web users give on the internet in general. There are millions of articles on PPC to help make your campaign the best it can be. For example, PPC.org right here. This is why new advertisers join PPC. They can rely that if they get stuck, there is someone, somewhere on the internet that has made an article aiming to help them.

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