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It’s a wide known fact that the majority of advertisers use pay per click advertising when it comes to online advertising. However, why is this? Why Do Advertisers Choose PPCWhat makes PPC different and better to competitors such as BuySellAds? For this question, there are lots of answers which will be highlighted below in this article. In essence, PPC has lots more USPs over alternative forms of online advertising which entice advertisers into using them.



PPC is Cheap

Above all, pay per click is one of the cheapest forms of advertising out there. A conversion for a PPC campaign may be worth, for example, $2. The average click on PPC is around $0.70. This makes profit margins extremely large and also gives advertisers the chance to experiment. Experimenting in PPC is significant to the success of a campaign because if you don’t experiment, you won’t find out the potential success your campaign could possibly have. For this reason, by PPC having a low CPC in general, it gives advertisers the opportunity to experiment without losing too much money.



PPC is Manageable

An important reason why advertisers choose PPC is because it is a form of advertising that is extremely manageable. The reason it is manageable can be listed in a bullet point list:

  • Advertisers choose exactly how much they want to spend per day on their campaign. This is like a cap for their campaign to stop them overspending. 
  • Advertisers choose exactly what cost per click maximum they want in their campaign. This is like cap for the amount they are willing to spend on each click.

This also makes clear that as well as being financially manageable  pay per click advertising also gives the advertiser lots of control over their respective campaign. This helps advertisers to ‘tailor-fit’ their campaign for the type of conversion they want to gain.



Results are Instant

A great thing about PPC is that an advertiser can create a fully functioning campaign within five minutes and have it bringing in traffic to the advertiser’s desired landing page. Take an example of an alternative to PPC such as banner advertising. To create a banner advertising campaign, you need to go on a website such as BuySellAds and manually look for a website you would want to advertise on which relates to your campaign. After this, you will then need to choose what advertising spot you want to have. After this, you will then need to wait for the publisher to agree to having you advertise on their website. The problem with this is that while you are taking the time to start a banner advertising campaign, you are losing results: especially if you are required to start an advertising campaign on a strict time basis.


Ultimately,  these reasons do contribute to making PPC the most used form of online advertising out there. However, another important reason is because the giants themselves, Google, have their own PPC programs such as AdWords and Adsense. This helps give advertisers much ore confidence in using PPC in general because the given stereotype around Google is that they know a thing or to about all things technological on the internet.

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