Yesterday, Google dropped the bomb that automated rules are available for us to use for multiple client accounts in their My Client Center.  We use MCC to manage a lot of accounts, and I am betting that there are a lot of people out there also managing multiple accounts as well. This is good news!

If you are not already using Google’s My Client Center to manage multiple accounts, then please, continue reading! If not, feel free to go read an article on by someone else!  We are going to talk about some basics to get started.  Minimum, maybe I will convince you to consider using it.

MCC is a pretty basic interface in Adwords that lets you access multiple Adwords accounts with just one login.  Finally, something to save all of our time moving between accounts over your day.  There are a few other things that it does for you besides that ease of use feature, so lets go over them here:

-Manage separate billing for all your clients

-Generate reports across more than one client account

-Create sub-MCC’s for additional user access to only certain areas of your main MCC, and for organizational factors

-Create automated rules across multiple accounts

MCC also allows for you to make email notifications and alerts across all of your accounts, and also the ability to search across all of your accounts.  You can even link the MCC’s together to create a web-like structure, but hey, lets keep things as bit simple to start with!

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