For small businesses looking to market their site, Facebook Ads and SEO are the two easiest options to jump into. There are millions of well-written and useful articles, how-to videos, and free software that you can plug into overnight. If you have a little bit of money to invest into them, it opens up even more doors.

While there are some similarities between the two, advertising on Facebook versus growing an organic presence on Google is two very different games. One can be executed in a matter of hours, while the other is a long-term game of patience and hard work. If you pick a poor strategy, you could end up wasting your advertising dollars.

This infographic does a good job at showing the differences between advertising on Facebook Ads versus SEO. You can quickly determine which one costs more, the time involved, and targeting facts. This will help ensure that your dollars are well-spent.

Which do you prefer, a Facebook Ads campaign, SEO, or a combination of both? Let us know in the comments below!

Facebook or SEO Which is Better

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