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Pay per click advertising is the most used form of advertising around the globe because it has so many features which differentiates it from other forms of advertising. It is the king when it comes to advertising online. However, nothing is perfect in this world. Everything can be improved. Therefore, I feel PPC can still be improved even if advertisers and publishers think it is near to perfection. Here are the key areas I think PPC can improve which is especially aimed at Google Adsense and Adwords.




Google Adsense is no doubt the best PPC program out there for publishers to make the most money with. Putting this aside, there are areas which I feel Adsense can improve with.

The number one area they can improve with is with reducing the amount of accounts that are disabled. Although many of the stories of accounts being disabled have valid reasons for being disabled, there are still far too many accounts and unhappy publishers getting their accounts banned for no reason.

For example, it happened to one of my friends. He was expecting hundreds from Adsense and just before they were going to pay him, he was banned even though he had never touched any of his adverts and had been a loyal user of Adsense for more than three years. Adsense needs to provide much more valid reasons to banned Adsense accounts because most of the people that are getting banned are frustrated and unhappy with the vagueness of the ban. It all comes down to communication.


Where I Think PPC Can Improve - Edited



Just like with Adsense, Google have done a pretty decent job with making Adwords a program for advertisers to use in gaining conversions on their desired landing pages. An area I think Google could really expand on with AdWords in the ways in which they display adverts to web users. For example, they are still displaying adverts the same way they have been doing since 2000: when Google first created Adwords.

With the ongoing advances in technology, the adverts Adwords use should take advantage of this. Yes, Google have mobile adverts for smartphones. However, what about a wider range of ad sizes and types? What about advertisers choosing what size adverts they want their adverts to appear on? Google can still make PPC much more contextual and specified than it currently is.


Another area I think Google could improve on is with with the introduction of mentors like have. Google are notoriously known for their lack of customer services unfortunately. This is a key area, I think, they should improve on. have used their customer service (of giving each publisher a mentor) as a USP to other PPC programs like Adwords. There are lots of publishers and advertisers out there that are only just starting in PPC without any knowledge, experience or idea on how to profit from it. To save them money, time and to give them a good opinion of Adwords and Adsense, it would be a great idea if Google gave much more detailed feedback to the users of their programs. After all  if it wasn’t for the advertisers that use Adwords and the publishers that use Adsense, Google would be nowhere! Again, it all comes down to communication.

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