Every PPC manager should know when to fire a PPC client.  There are a lot of clients during the seasonality products that this article will apply to as well.  If you have clients that are a bit difficult to work with.  This article will help you to know what to look for in a client so you won’t have to hire them, when is the best time to fire your PPC client, and how you should fire them.

What to Look for so you won’t have to Fire your PPC client

When finding a PPC client look for early signs.  Problem PPC clients always haggle you on everything.  They haggle you on the management fee, the payout, upping your management fee, how their last PPC manager sucked and didn’t do anything.  If you have a client that emails you 40 times before you sign with them and they are a small account.  They aren’t worth your time and don’t sign a contract with them.  If they argue with you, you really should evaluate whether this account is worth it.  You are the expert, they are not.  If they want to bring up thing that is fine but when they argue with you about things that you’re doing and not doing, this is not someone that I want to work with.  I’m an expert PPC manager and I expect to be treated like that.  Keep in mind that I’m not arrogant or trying to prove that I’m better then they are, just stating that these are “red flags” when determining whether you should take the small account or not.  If it’s a very large account, you may have another expert and have a little back and forth, this shouldn’t be arguing.  I don’t like to work with people that argue with me 24/7.

When is the best time to fire a PPC client?

If you have a client that is taking up way to much of your time, they aren’t spending very much, you aren’t learning from their account, or you are sick of dealing with all their problems and late night desperation phone calls… FIRE THEM.  You don’t have to deal with that and you shouldn’t deal with that.  I have had several clients that I have fired because I just didn’t want to work with them.  They would call me at 10pm on a Friday night.  Every week without fail the bossman would call me and tell me something was wrong with his account.  I would go into his account and an add had been disapproved or something didn’t make sense to him but was working fine.  This account brought me in good money but there are much better things to have in your life than keeping crappy clients.

How should I fire a PPC client?

Call, Email, Text, Skype, Messenger, or do it the old fashioned way and visit their business and tell them in person.  They aren’t your client anymore and you are making that decision.  I wouldn’t recommend firing any client unless they are in good standing with you or you really can’t do anything with their account.  Don’t leave on bad terms, only leave on good terms.  Explain to them in a nice way why you’re not wanting to work with them anymore.  Don’t be a jerk. They may come back and be 10x better then ever before.  I have had clients that I’ve fired come back a couple months later and have become great friends and still work with me today because of how I handled the situation.  Me explaining that I didn’t want to work with them for X reason helped them know what they were doing that didn’t work well with myself.

Have fun with your account and enjoy them.  If you aren’t having fun with your PPC account you should really look into getting accounts that are fun and enjoyable.  Donate your time to a local charity to help with their business and PPC efforts.  Enjoy what you’re doing and it will help dealing with semi difficult clients.

John Rampton is a PPC Entrepreneur, Author, Founder at Due a finance company helping small business owners. Follow me on Twitter @johnrampton

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