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Do you know why some of the ugliest websites on earth manage to convert a decent number of visitors despite all the odds? They may have got everything wrong in their website but you can be sure of one thing that these websites have a strong value proposition that override all other negative aspects.

However, I am not discounting the importance of all other aspects of a website that trigger conversion. Nope, I am not that dumb but the reality is if you need to see a steady rise in the conversion rate, you need to get your value proposition right.

WTH (What the Heck) is a value proposition

As the name suggest value proposition is kind of a strong call to action texts whose purpose is to deliver a value so that targeted audience can determine whether to convert or to hit the back button. Here are the primary aspects of a value proposition:

It will explain in short how the product or the service is going to redress the problem of the targeted audience.

It offers some clear benefits.

It shows you how your products are different from the rest of the other competitors.

So, now you have got what the value position is and therefore, to make the most of it, you need to make sure that it is visible in all major pages.

Do not go overboard with creativity

Believe it or not, the value proposition is for the real human beings. And therefore, it has to be simple, to the point and should say it clearly why the targeted readers should be interested in your service. Make it a point that this is not a place to go creative with your writing style.

Do not use heavy jargon that no one understands and for god’s sake do not use evasive language because it is not going to do any good in the path to conversion. The rule of thumb is that you need to make people understand it and not to struggle with the value proposition of your website. You may be watching some inspiring TED talks videos lately but you need to calm down while creating a value proposition for your business.

It is not just the combination of words

Contrary to what most of the marketers believe, value proposition is not just the right use of words in the right place; rather it is about continuing the conversion that is already happening right inside the mind of the targeted audience.

You simply cannot choose a catch phrase as your value proposition as it will rip apart the objective of having a clear value position. The catch phrase is certainly not the thing people are looking for on your website. And believe me they are also not interested in your success story. They want to know what benefits they are going to enjoy if they opt for your service in clear and simple English:

Components of a value Proposition

Value proposition does not necessarily have to be text only. It can be short and nice graphics, videos, photos or anything that clearly demonstrate the value of your service. Though there is no simple and straightforward rule to this, you can always try the combinations of these:


I can safely say that without proper headline, the concept of value proposition sound a bit lame. Just a short, simple and powerful line and there you go.

Sub Headings

Since you are not getting enough space to make people aware of the benefits of your product or service, you need to make use of sub headings to feature the benefits of your service clearly and concisely.

Bullet Points

Use bullet points to feature the key benefits of the product.


You can use images to promote your products or service.

And if you have no idea what is your value proposition, you can try any of these:

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