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Search Engine Optimization or ‘SEO’ as it is preferably called can sometimes be seen by some as a black art. There are no definitive methods that will 100% guarantee results. Instead, the practices for good SEO will increase the chances of that website/blogger getting SEO (and never guarantee the results). For the majority of SEO practices online, this will help to increase your SEO. However, the problem is that these practices need to stay updated with the updates search engines such as Google release to their search engines (such as Panda, Penguin and so on). For this reason, here are a few tips and pointers in terms of what will matter to get good SEO in 2016.



#1 Get a Mobile Theme For Your Website

In one of the latest algorithm updates to Google search engine, it came out that Google will now rank websites on mobile search results not only by the typical SEO factors such as the website, article quality etc. but also dependent on whether the website has a mobile-friendly theme or not – the main reason for this is to increase the user experience when searching using a mobile so that a web user will hardly land on a search engine result that will point them to a desktop theme being viewed on a mobile device.

For this reason, no matter what your website is about, it is an absolute necessity to make sure mobile devices will land on a mobile optimized theme of your website in order to have healthy SEO for mobile devices.


#2 Social Posts Are Getting Ranked

In a bid to introduce social media to search engine results, the likes of Google are now letting social posts such as tweets and Facebook posts carry a certain value in terms of SEO. For example, if you wanted to read what a celebrity wrote in a tweet on Twitter, up to now, you would have to search and then find a news article that mentions the story. What Google wants to achieve is for you to see the source of the news story – a search engine result link to the tweet itself.

What this all means in terms of SEO is that having tweets and Facebook posts embedded into articles online, which you will commonly see for sports articles nowadays, will, to some extent, help the SEO of that article: to what extent depends on how much value is given to the tweet or post you are embedding into that article.



#3 Video Content Might Be The Way Forward

As it stands at the moment, the most used way to digest content online is through reading articles. However, with technology constantly improving, it should not be shocking to know that we might find articles are having more and more videos embedded into them too, just like with the tweets and Facebook posts. As you can imagine, videos will also get deemed a certain value in terms of SEO to an article. For example, if you link a unique video with lots of views to an article, it will help the article rank better than without it (as long as the video is also adding some value to the article too).

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