I always see the landing page of a pay per click campaign as the factor which ‘makes or breaks’ a campaign. You may have achieved in getting the most targeted traffic at the cheapest price. But, if your campaign (excuse my poor language) ‘sucks’, then all that hard work will have been for nothing. A lot of advertisers ask the question what makes a good landing page. Well, to answer briefly, there are many things a landing page should contain to make it good and successful.


However, before we get into the article, you need to make sure you have the right type of landing page for your PPC campaign seeing there are several types of landing pages you can use. After you have decided this, you can then see if your landing page has what it takes to be a good landing page.


Achieves Objective

The aim of your landing page is to encourage visitors to perform an action such as a tweet, purchase or just by reading information on the landing page. If you are successful in achieving this, you can safely say your landing page is a good landing page because it helps in achieving your PPC campaign’s objective.


Social Media

I strongly believe that landing pages should include social media buttons because they help in gaining extra traffic from PPC. Therefore, make sure your landing page has implemented social media buttons (with the main ones being Twitter, Facebook and Google+) onto the landing page. If every action you want the visitor to do fails, at least you have the backup of a potential tweet which can boost traffic gaining you many more conversions.


Clearly Branded

A landing page should make very clear who you are or your business is in an attempt to increase brand awareness. If you don’t clearly display your organisation or business on your landing page, it will make it very hard for the visitor to find you again organically and not through PPC. A good landing page would produce a brand image which is easy to recognise and acknowledge so visitors will remember it for long.


Short Page Load Time

A lot of people on the internet nowadays have a very short attention span. Therefore, if your landing page takes too long to load, you may find that your visitors will lose patience and just exit the page before they give the page time to load. You can find out your landing page’s load time is through implementing Google Analytics onto your landing page. A good landing page will have a short loading time so visitors see your landing page for longer.


Internally Links

A good landing page should have links to internal web pages on the same domain so that if the visitor is overly interested, they can look further into the website for more helpful information. You don’t want to make a landing page which is a dead end. You want to make the landing page a place where visitors can then move to other more specific pages and explore your website. Take advantage of the contextual traffic PPC produces to a landing page.

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