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If you look at the history of advertising ever since it started, it is 1) incredible how far we have come and 2) how far we have come in the past ten years. We are currently living in a time where everything is improving, what seems like, expontentially. With this, what can we honestly say is going to be the future of PPC advertising? Google released AdWords back in 2000 and so is already 17 years old. But, for the next ten years, what could we expect to see? Here are some predictions.


#1 Further Automation

In terms of PPC advertising from a publisher perspective, this is already happening with the likes of Ezoic completely taking over the testing of many variables to monetise websites to the best of the platform’s artificial intelligence ability. For advertisers of PPC, although there are some things you can automate, there are still a lot of manual processes to undertake to run a PPC campaign.

With this, we may very well see PPC campaigns become almost completely automated, with A/B testing automatic in AdWords, similar to what Ezoic already does for publishers. This would save a lot of time for advertisers and financially benefit both Google and advertisers.



#2 New Platforms to Advertise On

As it stands, PPC works on any device that has an internet connection and can run Google or websites with PPC display adverts. This is generally tied down to computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets. However, this does not mean that these are the only devices that will be applicable to PPC.

For example, although the smartwatch market is tiny compared to the smartphone market, what is stopping AdWords from using the user’s location to send a notification to a web user or a shop that they are walking past which has a discount sale at the moment. What is stopping an advert from appearing on Android Auto to fill up at Shell’s petrol station and not BP when they drive past both at the same time? There have been many emerging markets for technology in the past ten years which could take advantage of PPC.



#3 Mobile Dominated

Ever since the first smartphone was released by Apple back ten years ago, the smartphone market for Google searches has been increasing ever since. With this, it is no surprise for this to continue to a point where mobiles and smartphones will completely dominate the PPC industry unlike we have seen before.

For this reason, there could be many new features that will come to PPC mobile. Such features could include:

  • One tap purchasing from Google
  • Fingerprint sensor integration (somehow)?
  • Integration of PPC into Google Assistant artificial intelligence.

Whatever way you look at it, the future of pay per click advertising is bright!

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