Google Analytics Premium LogoEarlier today Google launched a pretty cool paid version of Google Analytics that helps large enterprise companies to get more out of Google Analytics then the free version that they give to everyone.

There aren’t that many features that are different from the free account.  Read below to see all the main differences between Google Analytics Premium and a standard account.


If you are a large site, your company can now have guaranteed processing for up to 1 billion hits on your site per month. Most companies out there have had a limit of 10 Million up to this point. You can run SQL queries.  Data collection will have an uptime of 99.99%.  For those of you that can never get a hold of Google you now will get a Dedicated Account Management! Now you can get a hold of someone at Google Analytics Premium anytime 9am-5pm PST.

Pricing on Google Analytics Premium

Prices varies per region and will be as follows: $150,000 USD (US), $150,000 CAN (Canada), or GBP 90,000 (UK) per year (billed in monthly increments).

What are the main differences between Google Analytics Premium vs Google Analytics Normal Free Version?

A user put this together and I thought it would be a lot more useful for you to see the main differences.  I love that they have training, I wonder if they will bring back their Certified Google Analytics back.


Hers is the video that Google put up so that you can all see!

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