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We have all tried all the different Ad Platforms to see which one works better, right?  If not, shame on you!  Ok, ok, just kidding.  I have seen quite a few people with lot of hesitancy to get into the Facebook Ads.  For some reason, even though everyone seems to have a Facebook, the basic perception is that only a bunch of teenagers and drunk college kids are going to click your ads and  your conversion rates will hit the floor.

Typically, from what I have seen, the conversion rates in Google and Facebook will be very similar.  The cost per conversion, though, may be MUCH lower with Facebook!

Although, there is a small hitch.  Close rates are much higher with Google, per my experience.  There have been a lot of other PPC companies that have spend hundreds of thousands of spend just trying to figure this out.

Facebook may be a useful tool to help you target specific people that you are going to go after(which has worked like a charm for fellow PPC.ORG’er John Rampton and myself)…..But for your mainstay, you can’t go wrong with Google!

Don’t forget about Facebook as a useful tool, but it certainly is no Leatherman or Swiss Army Knife, choose carefully what you are doing with it!

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