Over the last few years, social media and its many platforms have sprouted like mushrooms on the internet. Millions of people are using it. Even business entities use it as well. The rise of using social media as a marketing force is on the rise too and more so by 2017. Businesses, celebrities, political figures, and ordinary people are in social media to compete with the likes and followers. The competition is so serious that some opt to buy social media likes to beat others.

Life on social media

To better understand what might be the trend for 2017, it is better to learn more about social media. An agora is a place in ancient Greece where people meet and do a lot of things. You can consider social media as an agora on the internet. It is a place where people can communicate and share information, ideas, and a whole lot of things.

Some people use social media as an alternate world where they can get famous and popular. Some also use it to market their products and services through their pages. To become more famous and to be able to sell products, you will need followers and likers, and this is the reason why businesses tend to buy social media followers.

Social media as a marketing tool

There is no doubt that more people are using social networking sites more than ever. In fact, if you try to look around you, it’s rare to see people not looking down on their phones to check for updates on their social media networks. Almost every human engagement nowadays is done via social media. No matter what platform you use, there will be millions of users using that particular platform, and most experts foresee that the rise of social media interaction will continue to rise in 2017.

Social media is an excellent marketing tool, especially for small brands. You can just create a page and advertise it for free. All you need is to have a good presence on the platform that you are using. To have a good presence, you will need a lot of followers and interactions happening on your page or site.

Getting people to follow you can be quite difficult that is why others buy social media accounts that will follow them. Having more followers gain you more exposure, and this is one of the metrics used by social media algorithms to put you in prime spots on social media platforms.

Buying followers for popularity

As people become more thorough about living online, so are the business-driven individuals who are seeking to gain financially by using different social media platforms.

Celebrities and political figures are in social media to seek followers as well. A celebrity that has more followers will tend to get more sponsors. The reason behind this is that by having more followers, sponsors will think that their brand will have better exposure by associating with this particular celebrity. This same thing applies to bloggers.

Political figures also gain something by having more followers. Sometimes, undecided voters tend to follow the majority even though they do not know anything about a certain politician. If they buy social media marketing strategies, politicians will be able to trick voters into thinking they are the choice of most people because they have more followers than other politicians.

Social media marketing trend for 2017

You might be thinking that how is it possible that followers are bought to follow certain people and business accounts. The answer is really not difficult. Some social media platforms are actually trying to crackdown this type of practice. However, it is quite difficult to track people who are selling their accounts. Usually, people who sell accounts are from third party sites. In addition, the laws pertaining to buying followers have not been instituted. Without laws, brands and businesses can freely buy social media likes.

However, not able to track down which users are selling their accounts or were paid to like is not only the reason why this practice is ongoing. The business of buying followers will continue and strengthen by 2017 because of how the algorithms of social media networks are programmed. By rewarding pages or accounts that have more followers and interactions the prime spot in a social media platform page, the competition becomes focused on the “number” of followers instead of the quality of followers and interactions. It won’t matter now for businesses if some people following them are not really interested in what their product is all about. What matters most now is they get that spot where more people can see them. If the way to get the spot is to buy social media accounts, then that is what they would do.

Another thing that will lead to the rise of buying accounts in 2017 is that there are people and businesses that use this as an opportunity today. Not so long ago, businesses just try to ask or advertise discreetly that they are in the market to buy an account that will follow them. Nowadays, it is a different story. There are now organizations and people in existence that has made this trend as a business too. Celebrities and politicians hire the services of these people to help improve their online presence. You can ask help from these people by hiring them or learn buy social media marketing techniques from them.


No one is really predicting this kind of phenomenon to happen. Even creators of social media platforms were not prepared for this. Opportunity breeds success as they say but in this case, success has bred another opportunity. The success of social media platforms in trying to affect modern lives of humans has bred another opportunity that is expected to raise as social media rises.

The coming trend for 2017 is quite clear now. Businesses and brands will begin to shift most of their advertising budget into social media marketing. Elections and sponsorships will also be affected by social media activities. Along with these expected trends will be the buying social media followers.

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