It goes without saying that the vast majority of time spent as a publisher to PPC advertising is spent What Colour Scheme to Use in Adsenseoptimising every little detail in the publisher account to squeeze out as much revenue as possible from the traffic your website/s generate. In fairness, there are many ways you can do this such as through changing the location of the ad units on your website/s, the size, the ad categories to block, whether to choose text/image adverts or both and, of course, the colour choice of your adverts. In actual fact, the colour scheme will have a huge impact on the CTR of your advert as it is predominantly what grabs the web users attention. With this in mind, here are a few tips to help you choose a good colour scheme for your PPC (Adsense most likely) adverts to make sure you are maximising the potential of them.



#1 Remove Blue Everywhere

This is going to come as a shock considering that blue is the dominant colour online which is stereotyped for being a link. Therefore, if you make part of your advert blue, people will see it more as a link and click onto it…right?

Not necessarily. Well, it could be right but it is best to experiment with this first.

Google recently made a change to search adverts to change the colour of the ‘Ad’ logo from yellow to green – 0ne extra colour removed from the search advert to make it more simpler to look at to the web user. With this in mind, it is definitely worth experimenting to eliminate blue and concentrate your advert on the green Adsense seems to be moving towards. After all, change on the internet is noticed more than no change…



#2 Two Colours Maximum

Although there is a strong argument towards using bright bold colours to grab the users attention and gain clicks, the overall impact this will have to your website will be negative, which you obviously do not want. Web users will hate the way the adverts are contrasting against your website’s theme.

With this in mind, I tend to like to stick towards using only two colours at a maximum with adverts. This way, you can always make sure the adverts blend (hopefully you will have located them near content to blend with that) and will be aesthetically pleasing to look at for visitors of your website.



#3 Don’t Ever Use Black

Black is a very dark colour to use on the internet. Although it makes text clearer to read, it is not always the most attractive colour to use. For this reason, you will usually find most of the websites you browse on are not using black but just a very dark grey. Although this may not seemingly make a difference, it will make your adverts appear more welcoming and less ‘angry’, since the colour choice is closer to each other than contrasting.

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