For the vast majority of websites out there, the most used way to generate revenue from content would What Alternatives are there to Adsense in 2016be to use Google’s pay per click advertising program named Google Adsense. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using Google Adsense to monetise your content – after all, they are partnered with the most used PPC advertising program for advertisers: AdWords. Therefore, you can expect the CPC and CTR of your adverts to be very high since you have the widest pool of advertisers to bid on the advertising space for your website.

However, you may think you could earn more with another program or feel Adsense is just not right for the type of website you own. With this in mind, here are some alternative programs to Adsense you could use to monetise your website with. is, pretty much, the next best PPC program out there you can use. The PPC program relies on the Yahoo and Bing! advertising network to display contextual adverts on your website. However, the rules of where you can display adverts is not the same as Adsense, which potentially means you can place adverts in higher earning areas Google would not let you do so with Adsense. As well as this, you do get an actual person to contact and help you set up, integrate and run on your website which is something Google do not offer (I guess, because they do not need to)?




Infolinks relies on picking out words in your content and linking them to advertising landing pages contextually. What is great about Infolinks is that it can run alongside other advertising platforms without breaking rules, such as Adsense. Therefore, you are able to monetise even more areas on your website than before.

Is it an alternative to Adsense? Depending on your content and the user interface of your website, potentially.




Ezoic is a certified Adsense partner which uses many different advertising networks to monetise and test as many variations of advert sizes, locations and more to come up with the ‘best’ layout of adverts to make you the most amount of money. It sounds very promising and, after using them for 30 days, the only payment they request is in claiming the revenue of a linked advert at the bottom of your website. If the testing proves the user experience is better and you make more money, it’s a win-win situation.  It’s not specifically an alternative to Adsense but it is a way to make more money with the PPC program


Ultimately, there are many advertising platforms to choose from. It really does depend on how much time you have as to whether you should try them out or not. For most people, Adsense will be the best way to earn the most. However, without trying the best alternatives, you will never truly know if it actually is.

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