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Many pop stars are never heard from again after their 15 minutes of fame — unless they are caught in a scandal — but Victoria Beckham has shown numerous times that she’s grown beyond Posh Spice. She’s a leading name in the fashion industry, a singer, a loving mother, and one half of a celebrity power couple.

She’s no “Wannabe,” and her choices and recent activities offer life lessons from which anyone can learn.

Victoria’s special beauty product

She probably has a lot of help, but it still can’t be easy to work full-time, raise four children, and have to look great standing next to David Beckham. InStyle reported that one staple in the woman’s beauty arsenal is bee pollen.

People who aren’t allergic can use bee pollen to clear up skin conditions and reinforce their immune system. The pollen can be added to food and is full of amino acids, vitamins, and protein. Bee pollen and occasional bee venom masks help to keep this 40-year-old healthy and gorgeous.

V’s fashion sense

It should be no surprise that Victoria Beckham has become a fashion mogul after looking flawless in a little black dress for so many years. Whether you’d like a piece from one of her collections or try to emulate her personal fashion sense, anyone who wants shapely, flattering, and stylish attire can trust Victoria.

Designer Vault recommends ruched pencil skirts, Louboutin shoes, and black Hermes gloves for those who hope to introduce the sophistication and sharpness of Victoria’s style into their wardrobes.

Having it all

Every parent has trouble balancing work and family, and Victoria is no different, according to Vogue. She told the site that focus is key to being successful and raising children, but that her kids come first.

The star has shown her devotion to her children by prioritizing them over her and her husband’s convenience. The couple kept their home in England instead of moving to L.A. for David’s work so the children would not have to switch schools.

Avoid negative people

While Posh and Becks have proved they are the real deal, people once thought Victoria lived up to the spoiled, spotlight-seeking, fashion-challenged image of Wags (wives or girlfriends of famous athletes). Victoria is back at the top of the celebrity stratosphere, but she learned a few things from her time outside the spotlight.

Many media outlets have reported that Victoria Beckham turned down a request to design a wedding dress for Kim Kardashian because that woman doesn’t fit Victoria’s A-list brand. Getting embroiled in gossip and drama is something Victoria doesn’t want to happen again, so she cuts bad influences out of her life.

Giving back

Victoria’s next big project involves helping others: She will work with the United Nations as an AIDS ambassador. According to the Huffington Post, her interests were sparked when she met children with HIV during a trip to South Africa.

This isn’t her first charity effort, and Victoria Beckham can be an inspiration to others in the philanthropic world as well as other areas.

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