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At this time of year, with Christmas around the corner, advertisers of pay per click advertising need to start thinking about the next Utilising the January Sales in PPCstep to their pay per click campaign. For most people, they will be having too much of a jolly time to worry about their PPC campaign over Christmas. For those that want to continue the success of their campaign, they will already be changing their campaign to accommodate the new year and January. If you haven’t done this already, do not worry! Here are a few things you can change about your campaign to make it ready for January and after Christmas.


Before we make changes to your campaign, let’s get to grips with some of the characteristics of traffic in January:

  • They will be eager to try something new from developing a new year’s resolution.
  • The traffic will be extremely price-sensitive since everyone will have spent all their money at Christmas!

For these two reasons, try and incorporate these ideas into your campaign to maximise the traffic in January.



Add a Special Offer in the PPC Advert

To counteract people being more price-sensitive, it would be a good idea to include some sort of financial special offer that links in with the January sales. By doing this will give the web users a reason to click onto your landing page.

It would be wise to include the special offer, for search adverts, in the title of the advert so that it gets read first out of the whole advert. Although most web users read the whole advert, if you decide to place the special offer in the description, you are at risk of it not being read if the web user read the title and decided not to read the rest of the advert since they were not interested in the title of the advert’s contents.



Ask the Web User a Question

By asking the web user will link the campaign to a new year’s resolution since you can ask the web user to try something new – be a bit daring with their new year’s resolution. For some people, they will make their own new year’s resolution up and attempt to stick to it. For others, they will not even bother making a new year’s resolution. That is the traffic you can take advantage of by making up their new year’s resolution for them! By doing this will give them more reason to click on your advert and let you get an extra conversion since you will make their new year’s resolution the same as your conversion.

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