Whether you are just starting out with building campaigns on Facebook Ads, or you are a veteran master, you can always appreciate the need for more data and demographics. Facebook Ads has been one of the most successful ad platforms out there for affiliates, simply because the demographics targeting is phenomenal compared to anything else out there. The users of Facebook are literally telling you what they are interested in, then as an advertiser, you can login to you ad manager account and target your potential customers directly.

What about offers that you can specifically target based on interest, or if you would simply like to know more about your potential audience and who is visitor your advertisers web site? Quantcast is an excellent free tool that you can use to help build your ad campaigns.

I recently wrote a full post on this at Perform Insider, and would like to share the results with you here as well. The best ways to see how Quantcast can help you build out a new ad campaign, is through a direct advertiser search. Let’s say you want to promote the Astrology.com affiliate offer available through Neverblue. Simply visit Quantcast.com, then put in your advertiser or affiliate offer url. You will then see a nice report like the one below.

You can now take the data you received from Quantcast, and apply it to your ad campaign setup on Facebook Ads. Be sure to check out my full article at Perform Insider for more screenshots and detailed information.

Zac Johnson is a online marketer with 15 years of experience and also a blogger at BloggingTips.com and ZacJohnson.com, as well as the author of Blogging Tips: Confessions of a Six Figure Blogger on Amazon.com.

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