In the world of business and online marketing press releases are being created and sent out in the millions every day. Press releases are used for many different reasons. In the past there was a large focus on getting inbound links to web sites through the use of press releases, but Google has recently been cracking down on this method and lowering the value of these types of links. However, this doesn’t mean that press releases still aren’t an effective way to build new links and bring exposure to your site, it simply means that you need to know how to write high quality press releases and use them to your advantage.

If you’ve ever done anything in the press release space before then you are probably already familiar with the name PR Web, they are one of the largest press release distribution services around. I’ve used them several times in the past and they have promotional packages that are set up for press releases and businesses of all sizes.

How PRWeb Can Help Your Business or Site

You already have a business model and maybe want to get the news out about your latest promotions, goals or company news. Now you need a way to get that message out there. PRWeb has built their name and reputation in this space for being able to get your message to the audiences and well branded news sites across the internet.

It’s simple. You write an announcement about your organization – a new product launch, current promotion, a local team sponsorship – whatever. We get your news distributed to every major news site and search engine on the web, and in front of consumers and journalists. – PRWeb

Below are just some of the numbers that represent the reach PRWeb is providing to their customers.

  • PRWeb Press Release82 million Monthly PR Web Headline Views
  • 250,000 News Subscribers
  • 30,000 Opt-In Journalists

The end goal for PRWeb promotions is to allow you to:

  • Drive an immediate increase in site traffic
  • Be found by prospects with top search engine placement
  • Boost your business’ buzz with top-tier media coverage

Two Examples of My Own Press Releases with PRWeb

As mentioned earlier, I’ve used PRWeb in the past to send out press releases based around recent projects and highlights from my blog. The two press releases I sent out can be seen below.

The first press release that I sent out was about my new book “Blogging Tips: Confessions of a Six Figure Blogger” and this was to spread awareness about the book getting released.

My second press release turned out much better and I sent it out with a better write up, included images and was also able to target it towards a well known authority name, which was “Bill O’Reilly” and the “Fox News” network. I was interviewed and appeared on the show and sent out a press release with a write up and link back to the video.

Zac Johnson on Fox News

Since press releases are now focused more towards getting exposure and not for link building purposes you need to know how to write up your content. Since services like PRWeb can get you the exposure to thousands of high end news outlets and journalists, you are going to want to target current trends and news that is getting attention. It’s from these promotions and contacts that you are then hoping for additional coverage and pick up on major news sites and blogs that may not have known about you or your company. Through the use of press releases you can create news and content that goes viral if you are targeting and building press releases around exciting news that people are currently looking for and sharing through major news outlets.

How Much Does It Cost to Send Out a PRWeb Press Release?

So now we have the million dollar question! How much does getting into the world of press releases and distribution cost?

As with any marketing service, plans and costs are usually associated with the size of your business and the type of reach you are trying to obtain.

If you just want to get some links and promotions out there, you can always go with a smaller basic package that might include some social sharing and press releases to a network of new sites. Something like this might cost $99 through one of PRWeb’s packages. For larger and more “real press coverage” you are going to want to look into the  “Premium” ($369) and “Financial” ($499) packages which get you the most exposure and listings on major news sites like Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Finance and USA Today.

You can see a breakdown of the different PRWeb packages below.

PRWeb Press Release Packages

If you are interested in expanding your reach through the use of press releases and social media, be sure to check out PRWeb.

Zac Johnson is a online marketer with 15 years of experience and also a blogger at and, as well as the author of Blogging Tips: Confessions of a Six Figure Blogger on

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