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A popular form of marketing is the pay-per-click campaign. One of the reasons why this form of advertising is ideal for business owners is because you don’t pay an advertising company until someone actually clicks on the ad. Even if the ad is displayed one million times and only clicked on once, you will only pay for that single click. While strategies are developed to enhance the ability of these ads by using keywords, the prospect of imagery can be just as powerful.

A Picture Says 1,000 Words

An image can inspire emotions, ideas and open the doors to the imagination. According to Momentology.com, images can be used as extensions for various ads for virtually any company. These extensions add more emphasis to the underlying text while giving a potential customer a view of what could be expected when the ad is clicked. Some of these examples include images of the hotel room accompanying a PPC campaign for a popular hotel chain. In this instance, the image can tell a great deal of information about the room visitors could be staying in.

Displaying Charities

Fundraisers and charities can be displayed in image as well as text. Offering free services can help inspire sales from those that visit. According to this page by Park West Gallery, offering free use of facilities to non-profit organizations could be quite beneficial for attracting potential clients as well as establishing a reputation. Your imagery combined with similar offers can do the same as more individuals begin to explore your company.

Seasonal Images to Engage Consumers

As in text-based PPC campaigns, developing seasonal or event-driven images could help resonate within potential buyers to act immediately. For example, holiday decorations and themed images work well during the holidays. Knowing your target audience by location could also be greatly beneficial as you can incorporate a more centralized advertisement for those individuals. For instance, it may not make much sense to show July 4th advertisements to those in foreign countries if you operate a worldwide eCommerce site. However, incorporating specific events for those foreign cultures could enhance the effect of certain ads.

Simplistic, But Alluring

When targeting various consumers through image PPC campaigns, you don’t necessarily need to develop eye-popping graphics and elaborate color schemes. You’re not developing a work of art that can be held on someone’s wall. These images can do exceptionally well by using basic colors and plain images without embossing techniques, fractal colorizations or three-dimensional lettering. In fact, most successful businesses on the internet use a flat 2D platform with two or three basic colors symbolizing the company. For instance, Best Buy is well known for its blue and yellow iconic imagery and basic type face.

Images can offer an incredible amount of information about any given product as long as it’s developed logically. These additions to marketing can enhance your message while encouraging visitors to find out more information about the company. While it may take a bit of trial and error to find the best image development for your strategies, it may be more engaging to your target audience than simple text.

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