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There’s a great advertising opportunity for advertising online through search engines and popular websites or blogs. For as long as the domain remains popular and receives a lot of hits, it’s still going to be a prime space for advertising. The Internet works like a virtual highway of information, and it’s easy to share and view information and data.

Much like the highways of the real world, ads are everywhere for people to see like billboards and posters. Ads on the Internet works just the same as billboards on the highway only on the Internet, they’re more able to subtly target their markets without them even knowing. The main people who do this are those giant search engines that rake in millions of hits a day. Web search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing all rake in their profits from online ads. Google does this through their website’s advertising service Google AdWords.

Basically, what Google does is they tag certain keywords for their client’s ad. This way, whenever someone searches Google for that certain keyword, the ads are made viewable along with the search results that Google provides. The great thing about it is, it doesn’t need to compete with the backlinks the top websites on the search results have. Google separates the ads from the search results because the search results are based on relevance, and they’re not paid for. Google would like to keep the integrity and relevance of their search results for them to be called a decent search engine. Of course  they wouldn’t want the quality of their service to degrade now would they.

So how does Google exactly profit from running the ads?

Of course putting on an ad on their website must surely be very expensive because they’re on the website 24/7 whenever someone searches for them. The truth is, Google doesn’t profit much from posting the ads on the website. They profit from hits or clicks that the ad gets. They’re able to charge the owner of the ad per click, making running the ad more affordable than just posting it on the website 24/7. This method is called the pay per click method or PPC for short.

Some look for PPC tips to better maximize how effective their advertisements on the web are. Google actually gives their clients options on how their ads appear on the websites besides appearing along with a certain keyword. They let their clients choose the time of day the ad runs, so people can actually target their demographic. Of course no one Googles the keyword “party clubs” at 7am, so why bother running ads for a party club at that time? Another option that people can use is being location specific about their ads. Google’s client is able to choose which area gets to see the ad. A lot of upstart establishments do this because they’d like to attract customers near their location. This is why some advertisers bid for multiple keywords, adding the location of their shops to it too.

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