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As online marketers and site designers it’s always important for us to keep an eye on our stats and where we are ranking in the search results. If you are working with a big marketing firm than you probably already have access to some very high end reports and work with a large budget to scale out your campaigns and tracking. Unfortunately not everyone has the funds or access to these killer tools. On a good note, there are many free alternatives out there and many of them are really good. I am going to highlight a few of them for you below.

SheerSEO Sheer Explorer

Many SEO companies that have been in the game for a while have been able to take what they know, along with internal tools that they have built for themselves and turn them into quality resources for their customers and anyone to use. This is exactly what SheerSEO did when they released their¬†Sheer Explorer tool. It’s completely free to use and allows users to quickly look up important info about their sites or any others on the internet. Stats include everything from domain rank, how many pages are out there, backlink reports, the ability to see no-follow and do-follow links and much more.

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Google Trends Top Charts

No matter what you are looking for, Google always seems to have the right answers and tools. While Google Trends has been around a while, it recently got a revamp and now include a lot more information, especially in their “top charts” section. Using Google Trends is a great way to find winning keywords that allow you to write target based on current trends and what people are searching for.


It’s always nice to have some cool search tools to help you out when trying to come up with new long tail, synonyms and creative keyword tools. This is exactly what has to offer. It’s a very simple and quick tool to use that provides you with a ton of keyword alternatives. Type in something like “link building” and the results will spit out 300+ new keywords relating to that term. Try and it out and see what you can find!


When it comes time to do some keyword research, be sure to play around with these free tools above. Each of them are useful and effective in their own way, combine all three and you have some serious stats and tools to play with. Best of all, they are all free to use!

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