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One way to improve your search engine rankings is through quality back links to your site.  This can be a time consuming and difficult task on your own.  One way to try to generate these back links is through the web blog network called Build My Rank.  Build My Rank is a subscription service, and by joining, you are able to place blog posts across their network of blogs.  Using Build My Rank to improve your page Rankings is a relatively new tool in the search engine optimization toolbox, and it is one that should be explored in your larger social media marketing campaign.

Because the Build My Rank service is relatively discriminating in what they allow you to submit, the quality of the results is fairly good.  The restrictions they place on the submissions to the site are clear and easy to follow.  Each post must be a minimum of 150 words.  The posts cannot contain spun content, and the posts must be free of spelling and grammar errors.  For every 150 words, you are allowed to include one link. In addition, each post must be accompanied by a title of at least five words.

The posts are checked by the Build My Rank service, and are catalogued as either pending or live.  If the post is rejected per their criteria, you have a chance to rewrite the submission and resubmit it for approval. The posts can be saved for you to come back and edit at a later point. As an account owner, you can create writers’ accounts, and outsource the post submittal to freelance writers, creating keywords that you want to be used in each post. Posts can be scheduled to go live at a future date, and you can search through your submitted posts to see which ones have been posted using which keywords.

The important thing about this service is that all of your backlinks will be posted on sites that are Page Ranked 1-6, which can help tremendously in improving your site’s rankings.  You should be able to look at your site’s own analytics to really measure the results for yourself.  Pay attention to the backlinks, and see where they are coming from.  Make a judgment call to see if you are getting the results that you need out of the service.

Since the process of submitting posts to build my rank is relatively easy and simple, it is one method that can be tried to improve our link-building resources relatively cheaply.  It doesn’t take a lot of time, and you should be able to see if the results fit the metrics you have outlined for your campaign. The Build My Rank site has run a few promotions in the past so that you can try out the service, and you don’t need to provide them with a credit card, making it a risk free trial. If anything, it should be one piece of the page rank puzzle that shouldn’t be ignored in your larger marketing campaign.


John Rampton is a PPC Entrepreneur, Author, Founder at Due a finance company helping small business owners. Follow me on Twitter @johnrampton

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