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It has been one of the most successful months (October 2013) in delivery helpful PPC articles to advertisers all over the world. The Some Useful PPC Articles From October 2013main reason for this happening is because of the ‘Optimising a PPC Landing Page’ series which is exclusive to October. As well as this, there are other PPC articles away from the PPC landing page that will prove just as, if not more, useful to you than the ‘Optimising a PPC Landing Page’ series.


If you haven’t checked out the most useful PPC articles from September 2013, you can do so here.


Like I have already said, October has been dominated with the ‘Optimise a PPC Landing Page’ series which looks at every single landing page from all the different types of landing pages out there. If you want an overview, you can look at [Must Read] How to Optimise ANY PPC Landing Page. Otherwise, here are the landing pages that you can optimise:

  • Click Through – A click through landing page is a page which requires the web user to click on a link or button of some sort. For this reason, optimise a click through page is all about trying to encourage web users to click on that button/link.
  • Infomercial –  An infomercial page is very similar to a TV advert. It’s idea is to sell something to the web user. It does this by putting all the information on one page and letting the web user stroll through the pages (which can let you use the 51% marathon rule which is explained about in the article).
  • Lead Capture – A lead capture page works by trying to gain as much information about the web user as possible. For this reason, you need to remember that you are asking the web user to do something for you for free! So, you will have to include incentives to get information from the web user.
  • Microsite – A microsite, as it says in the name, is a website/page that is apart from the main website. For this reason, it can be very similar in design to your main website or you could be daring and totally differentiate the two from each other.
  • Homepage – Although it is not recommended, this article goes into how you can optimise your homepage if you choose to use it as your landing page. It doesn’t require as much work as creating a new landing page altogether which is why some advertisers tend to stick with the homepage as the landing page.
  • Product/Service – This is a landing page which is entirely devoted to advertising a product or service. An example of this is Apple who adopts a product page for every one of their products.



Intel – Analyse A Real PPC Campaign

With Apple recently releasing the new revamped iPad Air, it’s up to the job of Android and Windows 8 companies to regain market strength through advertising their products to web users. This is exactly what Intel is doing as they are trying to make the tablets that use Intel power sound exclusive – hopefully, more exclusive than the iPad Air…



What Google Analytics Can Tell You About Your Website

Although this is more aimed at any blogger who owns a website, it is a valid article for advertisers of PPC to use on their landing page. In this article, I look at the main and most useful statistics Google Analytics measures and how you can interpret these statistics to just exactly what they mean.


There are all the best articles I created from October 2013! I hope this proves useful to you like it has for so many others.

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