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With it being the start of a new year, the only thing left to finish up with is the ‘Some Useful PPC Articles from ‘X’ Month’ articles Some Useful PPC Articles From November 2014for 2014. Funnily enough, the last one I did was October (ages ago, I know!) where we had a great selection of articles ranging from how to prevent mistakes in PPC so your campaign doesn’t fail to optimising a search advert to many articles analysing real life PPC campaigns. Below are the best articles from November 2014.



PPC Search vs Display Networks

Of course, the majority of advertisers that use programs such as Google AdWords will opt to using search text adverts since that is what PPC is mainly based around. However, for those that are on the brink of using the display network, here is an article that goes through the main benefits  to both networks so you can choose the right one for your needs.



How Many Keywords Should You Have In Your Ad Group?

This, again, is another useful article looking at one of the areas of PPC that needs to be constantly maintained and updated to continue a campaign’s performance. The number of keywords in an ad group will vary between campaigns. However, as you will learn from reading this article, by having more keywords will only hinder performance and too little and you will not have enough keywords to compete against others in PPC – there is a balance.



Google Contributor – A Way To Block PPC Ads

November was an interesting month for that fact that Google Contributor was introduced publicly in it. Google Contributor is a way of web users paying a monthly fee to prevent a selection of websites from displaying adverts on their websites when the web user is on that particular website. Say what you want about this program, it will have mixed reviews which is why I made a second article Let’s Talk About Google Contributor…



Analyse A Real PPC Campaign Series

Again, like with most months, there are a few articles from the series that are bullet pointed below:

  • Sainsbury’s Xmas 2014 – Interestingly enough, Sainsbury’s chose to use a YouTube video as there landing page. Read more to find out why and if it worked or not. Not only this, they have their Christmas campaign in November which goes to show that the Christmas build-up doesn’t obviously start in December!
  • JC Penny – This campaign was analysed since JC Penny’s advert appeared from searching ‘black friday’: a very hectic day of shopping and discounts. This was well represented through the colours used on their landing page to inject a sense of urgency into the web user which is a common theme on Black Friday.


There’s the top six articles I believe I created in November 2014 that will benefit you the most. I hope this has proved useful to you like it has for so many other people.

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