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Another month passes which means another great selection of PPC articles to go through that can help you improve your PPC Some Useful PPC Articles From November 2013campaign just before Christmas and to the very future too. The majority of October’s articles were based around the ‘How to Optimise ANY PPC Landing Page‘ series which proved extremely successful. For November, though, there is a much wider selection of articles to read that can help you with pay per click advertising (unlike October which was predominantly focused at the final stepping stone of your campaign being your landing page).


If you haven’t checked out the most useful PPC articles from October 2013, you can do so here.


Understanding The Basics Of Optimising PPC Text Adverts

This mini series looks into the stereotypical PPC text advert which looks at all three of it’s elements:

  • Title – In this article, we recognize just exactly what the title does in a PPC advert. From this, we can then learn how to optimise it.
  • Description – Just like with the title, we recognize what the description does which makes clear what you need to include in it to make it a good one.
  • URL – Using real life examples, we look at how flexible the URL can be in PPC that in can contain keywords if you should so choose.



Nokia Lumia – Analyse A Real PPC Campaign

I think it is a great idea to read at least one of my ‘Analyse A Real PPC Campaign’ articles a week because 1) It provides great tips from some of the best PPC campaigns out there and 2) It makes you more aware of the type of PPC campaigns companies are producing now. In this article, I look at Nokia’s PPC campaign on their new tablet. However, you will find from reading it that it is not as well made a campaign as it could be due to its text advert’s title.



Optimising Image Adverts In PPC

If you read a lot of my articles on PPC.org, you would have got the impression that I specialize on improving search text adverts rather than display image adverts. For this reason, I created this article which took into consideration what features your image advert should have if you should decide to create an image advert in PPC.



Quick Fire Round Of PPC Tips For Q4

With it getting ever closer to Christmas, I thought it would be a good idea to include some quick tips for anyone who wants to sell a product or service on the internet at Christmas time. For example, one of the tips was to include your shipping as a unique selling point. Since many Christmas shoppers will be worried if their presents to others will get to them in time for Christmas, you could offer free next day delivery postage: although your costs will go up, the extra sales you gain from the USP will make your profit increase.


There are all the best articles I created from November 2013! I hope this proves useful to you like it has for so many others.

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