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The articles on PPC.org from March 2014 looks at many different areas of pay per click advertising such as keyword selection, theSome Useful PPC Articles From March 2014 PPC advert, it’s click through rate and more. Last month, February had a great selection of articles for advertisers to read which will help advertisers improve and optimise their PPC campaign. With last month’s articles in mind, here are March’s best articles which looks to continue where February left over: optimising and improving your campaign.



Increase The CTR Of Your PPC Campaign

An article which can be applied to just about any PPC campaign out there, here I look at how you can improve the CTR of your campaign through two different methods. The first involves using negative keywords and the second involves optimising the title, description and URL of your PPC advert.



Why Hosting Domains Is Important In PPC

When looking at the landing page of a PPC campaign, I tend to look at what is actually on the landing page. However, just as important as what is on the landing page is how the landing page is being hosted . This article goes into why you should take time in choosing your domain name and who you are going to host it with since if it fails to load, you are paying for traffic to reach an error page.



Keyword Selection in PPC

The keywords you choose for your PPC campaign affect the the type of traffic that goes onto your landing page. This means it is extremely important to choose the right keywords for your campaign. You need to take into consideration the type of people you are targeting your campaign at, the average CPC you will pay and external factors that will influence your campaign such as the time of year.



3 PPC Mistakes That Are Costing You Money

This is a great article for the reason that it identifies three common mistakes PPC advertisers tend to make and by addressing these mistakes, the advertisers will be able to make their campaigns much more successful making them more money. Sometimes, it is the little things in PPC that can have a big difference to the whole success of the campaign.



The Most Important Factor That Affects A PPC Campaign’s Performance

This article looks into one of, if not the, most important factor that affects a PPC campaign. You could have a superb PPC campaign that is optimised in every way. However, if what you are trying to advertise is not popular and will not sell, that PPC campaign will not make what you are trying to advertise successful.



There’s the top five best articles I believe I created in March 2014 that will benefit you the most. I hope this has proved useful to you like it has for so many other people.

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