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It’s the last month before 2014 which means yet another month of helpful articles based around pay per click advertising. Some Useful PPC Articles From December 2013December, from being the author of the articles and my point of view, has been an exceptional month for great articles that will help any advertiser with their respective campaign. You do not have to read all of these articles: I would highly recommend, though, you try to read at least 3 of the below articles as you will be surprised at how much they have the potential to enlighten you on different areas of PPC you did not know before. It is a great idea to learn something new every day and these articles will enable you to do just that with PPC!



Search Terms To Include In Your PPC Campaign

Search terms and keywords are a major element to the overall campaign’s success. In this article, I highlight three types of search terms you can include in your campaign, what they mean and how you should use them. From this, it should then be easy for you to pick what type of keywords and search terms you want to include in your campaign to make it as effective as possible in gaining lots of clicks from contextual traffic at a minimal price.



Microsoft vs Apple in PPC Landing Page Wars and

I always find that to find the best tips for advertisers in PPC, look at real life examples of PPC campaigns. Here, I look at the two electronic giant’s landing pages being Apple’s and Microsoft’s. With this article being before Christmas, it is interesting how one adopts a mild Christmas theme while the other goes unchanged. Anyway, in this two parter article features the benefits and drawbacks to Apple’s and Microsoft’s PPC landing pages.



Don’t Make These 4 Mistakes In PPC!

Most advertisers, if they want to improve their campaign, will try to look for any mistakes in their campaign and rectify them. However, the problem is how to find the mistake to begin with? Well, this article outlines four common PPC mistakes advertisers make which can be easily rectified. I have saved you the worry of what are common PPC mistakes. It’s your go now to see if you are making these four PPC mistakes!



Asda January Sales – Analyse A Real PPC Campaign

This article, I believe, is the most useful article out of all the ‘Analyse A Real PPC Campaign’ articles from December. Since the January sales are a time when many companies want to attract customers to buying more products from them after Christmas, it was interesting how Asda accomplished this through PPC and the use of the colour red.



3 Elements To Consider When Creating A Landing Page

Hopefully you will know what I am about to say. The landing page is one of, if not, the most important element of a whole PPC campaign because it is the ‘make or break’ part where the web user either gives you the conversion or not!

For this reason, here is an article with describes three general elements you, as an advertiser, should consider when creating your own landing page and, just for the record, these are not common elements too…



There are all the best articles I created from December 2013! I hope this proves useful to you like it has for so many others.

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