Search Engine Marketing which is more commonly known by its acronym ‘SEM’ is currently one of the most effective ways to grow your e-commerce business beside promoting your products. It basically describes an advertising technique to help get your company right in front of the customers the very moment they start searching for your products on Google and other popular search engines. Among the different marketing strategies that fall under SEM-

PPC or pay-per-click have proven so far to be the most effective. If done correctly, PPC alone has the ability to demonstrate strong ROI for all your web marketing efforts. It’s not only super easy to be carried out in-house but can yield better results both in terms of scalability and cost-effectiveness. The correct way to carry out an effective PPC campaign is-

  • Use personalized and data-driven keyword research for successful web marketing.
  • Organize and group your keywords for effective PPC and SEO campaigns.
  • Regularly update and improve your search campaigns for better results.

Let’s dive into a few other powerful strategies for effectively marketing your products using Search Engine Marketing.

Web Design

Web design is another important aspect of SEM. Since websites are often the first impression users have of your online business, it becomes even more important to create a beautiful website using a top-notch e-commerce platform available in the market. For beginners, Magento can be a great option not because it offers some really lucrative themes at affordable prices but mainly because of the help you can get from the Magento support community.

Product Sales Copy

Never underestimate the power of a product sales copy. Talk more about the product features to ensure that your PPC ads and sales copy gain customer interest. And as I said before, if done correctly, PPC advertising can easily get you all the clicks you need for your SEM.

Reverse Image Search

Reverse image search is a new but different link building tactic through which you search for images using Google Image Search that are indexed by Google on your site which are being used without any link to your site. Then it’s simply a matter of contacting the site owner and requesting them to place an attribution link since the images were originally from your site.

Determining Key Demographics

Determining key demographics involve selecting who your customers will be, whether an individual or another business. It will play an important role while converting leads into sales. Where selling to a customer increases the rate of conversions, selling to business results in far better lead time.

Monitor Competitors Backlinks

Finding out and keeping track of your top competitor backlinks always pay in the long run. You can easily get a list of backlinks for your site with the help of their target keywords which will further help you in getting smart ideas for quality links.

Prioritise your Customer

Always use customer’s perspective while working on your site. It is an essential ingredient to be used while converting leads into sales. Just remember, it’s the customers who will click on your ads and buy your products and not the search engines themselves.

Visual Content Marketing

Build your own infographics since it is the most powerful link building strategy in SEM. A few ways to do it is by writing your own description using real data sources besides using statistics to gain attraction and design to please along with creativity and at last, share the infographics on social media.

Online Presence

Maintaining a good customer relationship is almost as important as creating quality content and website. Fall into a habit of regularly checking out forums and blogs for discussion besides making your site user-friendly and being available 24/7 to answer queries as well as monitor your customers activities.

Reverse Guest Posting

Reverse guest posting is the exact opposite of guest posting which generally involves finding out good bloggers for content writing and maintaining healthy relationships with them. Just remember to select the subject of guest articles beforehand along with time-gap you want between the publication of guest posts.

Frequent Feedbacks

Frequent feedbacks is another easy way of getting backlinks for your site. All you need to do is find out websites that who allow feedbacks and backlinks. After registering yourself, write a short description of the product and get the conversation started. You can also use tools to track mentions about your products or business.

Blogger Reviews

The last but not the least is getting reviews about your products from the blog posts, though grabbing the attention of bloggers does require some hard work on your part. You can make your content attractive by offering some useful info or sometimes even some free stuff. Just make sure it is free of any grammatical errors.


Nowadays e-commerce industry is getting more and more predicted on web presence, that’s why it has become more important for business owners to incorporate an effective SEM into their digital marketing strategy to avoid their e-commerce business from getting lost into the online ether.

Mike Hall is an experienced professional in the field of Internet Marketing. His years of experience in the field of SEO, Pay per Click and Social Media Marketing has made him an authority on all things digital.

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