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No matter what business you may find yourself in, it will almost certainly need an advertising sector to publicise and attract the Understanding PPC as a Beginnertarget market you are aiming at. Depending on the business depends on the type of advertising they use. For example, a local business may use fliers to attract the locals whereas a company such as Ford might use TV advertising to attract their much larger target market. What has become apparent over the last decade is that pay per click advertising (PPC) is becoming widely used by any type of business. For this reason, here are the answers to questions a beginner of PPC may find themselves asking.



What is PPC Advertising?

In short, PPC advertising is a form of online marketing where advertisers have the opportunity to gain traffic to their targeted website through the use of placing adverts on search engine results and websites that run the publisher side to PPC.

Every time a web user clicks onto your advert, you will pay a fee or CPC (cost per click) for that one unit of traffic. The more clicks you get, the more you pay for the traffic. If you advert does not get clicked on at all, you will not have to pay a dime.



Should you use PPC?

In short, again, yes. Pay per click advertising is the most used form of advertising out there not by fluke or coincidence. Anyone of any size can use it. If you look into my ‘Analyse A Real Campaign’ series on, you will find a huge range of businesses that use PPC to get traffic. This makes it clear that even if you want to gain, lets say, 10 web users a day to a specific webpage, PPC can work for you in the same way it can work for someone trying to attract thousands to a landing page a day.



How do you start in PPC?

After looking back at to when I was a beginner in PPC, I would advise anyone to first understand PPC completely. There are hundreds of articles on that look into every crevice of PPC from landing pages to the search advert to anything to do with PPC in the utmost of detail. Therefore, make sure you have a firm understanding and knowledge of PPC before you dive head first in. This will help you minimise the mistakes you will make with your first few campaigns which can cost you quite a lot of money. It’s all good learning from mistakes only when it does not cost you money!



Getting a PPC campaign ‘right’ can be deemed an art form. It takes the combination of many factors to make a  PPC campaign successful – if one of these factors lets you down, it will let your whole campaign down.

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