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Online marketers are fond of WordPress websites because of its ease of use, versatility and SEO friendliness. Most WordPress themes are SEO ready so that you can launch the optimization SEO campaign as soon as the website is ready. However, the inbuilt SEO features usually are limited and quite basic that would not fulfill all kinds of SEO needs. To add more SEO features to the website that matches with your campaign objectives and offers more options of optimization you have to use WordPress plugins. Thousands of WordPress plugins are available, and these make WordPress the powerhouse that it is for everything you need in SEO. You will be amazed at the endless optimization opportunities that you can avail by using SEO plugins of your choice because there is always a plugin available for whatever functions you want to perform.

The plugins can streamline your SEO efforts as you can achieve much more without putting in any extra effort and enhance your marketing efficiency. Augment your optimization efforts by using the right plugins and a whole new world of opportunities will open before you. The armory of WordPress plugin gives you the confidence and a cutting edge in your SEO campaign. How WordPress plugins give more power to the CMS will become apparent on reading this article.

Customization without limits

You are not only the owner of your website, but WordPress allows you to make it your very own by customizing it in the way you want.  When you customize the site, you can make it perform special functions that match with the SEO infrastructure that you have created.  It is one thing to know that WordPress is a powerful CMS and it is much more satisfying to discover its true powers inherited from plugins that can empower users to launch more effective SEO campaigns. The SEO experts at Kotton Grammer Media SEO Company can guide by selecting the right plugins that fulfill your optimization goals. Plugins help to customize websites and offer a better user experience that counts a lot in earning favors from search engines to boost rankings. Let us now look at some specific examples of customization.

Modify page and post titles easily

The default setting of WordPress allows displaying only the title of the post or web page in search results. In the absence of the URL of the website along with the title, the display seems quite incomplete to viewers, and it can be detrimental for SEO. To make the display more relevant and expressive to viewers, it is always advisable to attach the URL to the title. It is easy to find some WordPress plugin that allows you to tweak the display by including the name of the website or URLin the title. This minor change adds a new dimension to the title, and it becomes easy for viewers and search engines to understand the relevance of content in a better way.

Create meaningful and relevant URL

Even before you think about making changes to the display of page titles, you can try out customizing the URL so that the website name becomes more relevant and meaningful to viewers and search engines. The customization allows inclusion of keywords in the URL so that it facilitates better optimization and viewers can quickly relate it to their needs.  The plugin helps to make changes to the URL and insert keywords so that the complete display shows the name of the website (URL), the tagline and keywords. This type of URL is not only attractive to users but also to search engines as the keywords indicate how much relevant the URL would be.

 Preview snippets

On observing the SERP closely you will discover that along with the link, the results also include a brief description of the web page that lends more clarity to searchers. These descriptions are the rich snippets that add more value to the search results because it clarifies searchers about how much relevant the link would be for them. With snippets being so relevant, you can create website snippets by using the right WordPress plugins so that it conveys the correct description of the web page and its content and arouses interest among searchers to click upon it. Even if your website ranks well but searchers are not impressed with the description they might not click on it at all. Take advantage of creating snippets to increase the attraction of content and enjoy more clicks.

Guidance for creating SEO friendly content

Despite your best efforts in creating SEO friendly content, you would always have some doubts about how much SEO friendly it has been because there is no template for checking. It is good if you have someone or some tool to guide you and identify mistakes so that you can make ongoing corrections. Some WordPress plugins play the role of a guide and tell you about the possible shortcomings of the content as well as the method of improving it so that you can make suitable changes for improvement. With the guidance from plugins, you become a better content creator.

Sharing on the social media

To take advantage of the Open Graph, you have to use some WordPress plugins. The Open Graph feature of Google is a splendid tool that marketers can use for bridging the gap between social media and search engines. The Open Graph behaves like a translator for search engine optimized content. The tool identifies images and content that is suitable for displaying on the social media and conveys the information to social media that fulfills the user expectations accordingly. The task of displaying content on social media becomes simple as you need not optimize it separately for social media. By using this feature, you can display chosen content on the social media that opens up new horizons in marketing.

WordPress plugins give so many options to users that it might often become overwhelming when choosing plugins.  Use plugins judiciously because, like many other good things in life, too many plugins might become your bane.

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