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Almost any opinion asked for or question for just about anything on the planet will typically get something along the lines of, “it really depends.”  There are many answers out there for many people, and your case just may be a bit different than everyone else’s.   Luckily, I have found some general commonly asked questions that are far more likely to get the same response, so we are going to go over some of them now, that you may find yourself not having to ask in the future!

The first question I would like to touch base on, which I have written extensively on this topic in the past, is negative keywords.  “How often is it best to ad negative keywords to my account?”  Well, we are all in the habit of monitoring SQR on a weekly basis, but I tend to advise we add negative keywords less frequently, unless you KNOW you need to more.  Typically, we are looking for trending along your keywords rather than losing sleep over the specific search queries.  What this will do is not overload you with negative keywords.  It would be easier to manage this way, and also won’t risk having negatives that kill performance.

Secondly, a question obviously spoken on a lot is “what does quality score matter?”  That is an easy question to answer for us.  If you are seeing a correlation between Quality Score and the CPA, then you can see if it matters for you.  If you are getting a better CPA on your keywords with a QS, then it is easy to know if they matter.

The third question I want to address is the question of how many keywords that we should be running for every ad group.  This is probably the most controversial of the questions, so here is a little guidance.  If you have keywords that are driving the majority of your conversions, they may get one keyword for every ad group, where as the ones that get very little impressions, you may want to go in ad groups of 3-5.  This also makes it very easy to manage accounts and what not.  When they are set up in this manner, you will notice a big change.

I hope this answers some of the “typical” questions out there all in one big blog post.  Please let us know if this helps you out!

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