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For some advertisers, it can become quite a difficult task to create a PPC campaign that is successful in gaining results. Although most campaigns can be easily differentiated from each other, all PPC campaigns have a few elements in common with each other. These are some of the elements which I will look at below. For successful campaigns, these elements will always be optimised to the utmost potential. Therefore, if you are struggling in PPC, have a look at the following elements of a successful PPC campaign below to see if you can identify the source of problem for your campaign and improve upon it.



Create a Great Advert

To gain success from your advert, you need to make sure it is effective in bringing results in and results that are genuinely very interested in what you are trying to promote. The best campaigns can expand upon the title of the advert without going off topic or losing the interest of the web user. Take an example I have used such as Sony search advert:


Official Sony® VAIO Store – Sony.co.uk

Free 4-year-warranty on VAIO™ E with Intel® Core i7-3632. Buy now!



The title clearly states that the advert is about the VAIO range of laptops by Sony. This is a successful advert because it expands on the topic of laptops and what Sony is offering. As well as this, the URL section to the text advert adds information of the deadline for this offer and to top it off, there is a call to action of ‘Buy now!’. To create a successful advert, make sure your description (and even your URL) expands on what your title says. If you feel your advert does not do this naturally, have a look at redrafting it.



Create a Great Landing Page

Just like with the advert to your PPC campaign, the landing page should start off from where your advert finished and not go off at any tangents away from the what you are trying to promote. The landing page needs to be efficient, clean and to the point. If you try to include information about other non-relevant topics, you will be seriously limiting or even damaging the success of your landing page and PPC campaign overall. Let’s use the example of Ford’s landing page.

Ford's PPC Landing Page - Edited

The whole landing page is completely targeted at Ford and their cars. Since I only typed in ‘Ford’ into Google to click on an advert to view this landing page, they have added lots of internal navigation links on the side so I can easily find the section of Ford I am interested in. What is also apparent with a successful landing page such as Ford’s is the use of images. Always remember that web users have a short attention span and you need to impress them within the first three seconds of when they land onto your landing page otherwise they will exit. To do this, use images. They are far easier to look at and do not require as much effort for the web user to understand compared to a paragraph of content.

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