Twitter is a growing community that is something every website, blogger and person should take advantage of. The fact that Donald Trump uses it to talk about world issues signifies just how powerful this social media platform is, to send a message in a quick and easy way for millions of people to read. With this, here are some crucial ways you can help get your tweets more engagements with your followers. From getting engagements, follows, messages, retweets and more will all follow…


Keep Tweets Short

The attention span of the typical Twitter user is very low, simply because they know they can easily read any tweet within a few seconds. Twitter recently increased their character limit to 240 characters. This does not mean you have to use all the characters, though. Sometimes, keeping tweets short and to the point will enable them to be read and get engaged with more, since it is more digestible for Twitter users to read.


Schedule Tweets

This point is extremely importantly. Although there is a certain level of machine learning to show you the tweets you care about most, Twitter has been clear that it wants the majority of its timeline in time chronological order. This means the time you tweet is of vital importance to the engagement level of the tweet, unlike posts on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Experiment with the times you tweet to see what works best for your followers. Typically, weekends are better times to tweet. If you do tweet during the day, lunchtime and after work (6pm) are good points to do so.


Add Images to Tweets

Images add a whole new dimension to tweets, and automatically make your tweet much more appealing to engage with. Truth be told that the internet loves images. Therefore, once you have composed the tweet’s content, always try to accompany the tweet with some sort of image to compliment the content. For example, if Cristiano Ronaldo won the world cup and the tweet was ‘Cristiano Ronaldo must be the best player ever’, an image of Ronaldo lifting the trophy would do the tweet wonders to its engagement levels.


Use Call to Actions

Most of the time with tweets, you actually want the Twitter user to do something. This could be to spark a conversation with you, retweet, like, or follow you. You might not think it, but most tweets do want an action from followers. Taking this into consideration, do not be afraid to ask for something from your followers. Call to actions are a great way of getting straight to the point of getting people to engage with your tweet. For example, if you shared your opinion, adding at the end of the tweet ‘let me know what you all think about this’ will naturally spark replies to your tweet.

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