It’s free, fast and has the potential to gain you as good (if not better) results than pay per click advertising. Yes, I am talking about Twitter Tips 3 Ways To Increase Clickssocial media websites: inparticularly Twitter. The micro-blogging website has not been with us long compared to the likes of Google Adwords and even Facebook. This has not stopped Twitter from growing in popularity though. The audience Twitter is able to advertise comes in the millions if not billions. This is why many advertisers are finding themselves trying to advertise through Twitter now rather than PPC. For this reason, for those that are giving Twitter and social media advertising ago, here are five ways you can make sure your tweets are getting clicked on sending the traffic to your landing page.


Tip #1 Place Links In The Middle of Tweets

In the past, I have argued that links should be placed at the end of a tweet because it gives the Twitter user as much information about the link before they click on it. However, research has shown that the tweets that are in the middle or roughly 25% through the tweet are the links that get most clicked on. Therefore, make sure at the very minimum to place your link (to your landing page) in the middle of the tweet or near the beginning.



Tip #2 Frequency Of Tweets Should Be Low

Another great tip about Twitter in general is that if you spam tweet (tweet alot about nothing), the majority of followers will not take in what you are tweeting about. The less frequent your tweets are (lets say, once a day), the more value they hold to the Twitter user. You have to remember that Twitter users are voluntarily following you. Therefore, if you tweet alot, you will increase the chances of getting unfollowed. From this, a low frequency of tweeting will also improve your link’s CTR as well as preventing your followers from unfollowing you.



Tip #3 Time of Tweeting

The time of tweeting will sure enough effect the CTR of your tweeted links. The best time to tweet links is after 1pm. A reason for this is because many employees will be on their breaks and will be going home to relax for the evening. Therefore, the chance of procrastination on Twitter will be quite high. As well as this, research has shown that tweeting at the weekend will also boost your click through rate of links. Friday – Sunday are the best times to tweet your links. However, remembering what your campaign is about, you may find that tweeting at these times will not benefit you like it has the vast majority. Make sure you base the tips from above around your campaign. For example, if your campaign is about food and grocery savings, tweet the link at the weekend (which is when most people will shop for their groceries).

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