On July 5, 2011 BackType Inc the owner behind Backtweets announced that Twitter had acquired their business.  Today it looks like Backtweets has been listed up for sale on Flippa, a popular selling website.  Twitter banished product Backtweets auctioned off again today.  Since Twitter is a large advertising platform, the data behind Backtweets is very .

BackTweets was developed by BackType and released on Friday March 6, 2009.  Twitter first mentioned this service as a killer service around 2 years before they ended up purchasing BackType in July 2011.  BackType was their parent company.  It was acquired as part of the acquisition.

Today the site has and is currently at $6000.  The current owner Sorezki Ltd has not confirmed the sale price.  Should be expected to go for a decent price.  Updates to come.

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