This morning I was greeted by several emails from Google offering up to 2 free months of advertising on AdWords Express. So is that a good deal? What is AdWords Express exactly, how does it work with Adwords?  Try AdWords Express today, we’ll show you why.

What Is AdWords Express

Google touts the product as “the easiest way to start marketing your small business to customers online.”

Upon closer inspection we see that AdWords Express differs from the regular AdWords platform in these key ways:

  • Locally targeted by default
  • Automated campaign management within a monthly budget
  • No website is needed; they’ll send traffic to your Google+ page

Basically it’s a simplified version of AdWords designed to make it manageable for SMBs.

How Do I Get The $250

Go check your inbox. It seems like Google sent out a bunch of these. Once you have the email these are the requirements:

  1. Sign up for a NEW AdWords Express account by Dec. 16, 2012
  2. Google will give you promotional credit of double what you spend by Dec. 31, 2012 in that account (up to $250 max)

That’s it! Go check your inbox now.

If you’re still interested in advertising on Google, their special holiday offer for AdWords Express makes this a great time to get started. Get your business on Google in minutes and receive up to two months’ worth of free advertising.

With Adwords Express You Can:

  • Keep things simple. Just pick a business category, write an ad and set your budget. AdWords Express will automatically select when and where your ads appear. You can stop, start or change them anytime.
  • Advertise even without a website. If you don’t have a website, send customers to your Google+ Local page (which you can create for free in minutes) or have them call you with one click on your ad.
  • Sign up for AdWords Express before December 16, 2012, and we’ll give you back double what you spend the rest of this year – up to two months worth of free advertising come January.*

Robert grew up on a small farm in Idaho, driving tractors and taking care of the cows. He discovered the fascinating world of paid search marketing during a college course and maintains the perfect blend of hard work, smart analysis and efficient implementation. He currently is Director of PPC & Conversion at Trafficado, resides in Provo, Utah and can often be found skiing the greatest snow on earth, mountain biking through the Wasatch mountains or playing ultimate Frisbee at the park on a Saturday morning. Feel free to say hello through Twitter @robert_brady or his personal blog - Righteous Marketing.

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