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The secret to finding success in affiliate marketing, is having the ability to track campaigns and continually improve your conversions. Through the user of Tracking 202 you can promote nearly any offer from any affiliate network, place a tracking pixel on the confirmation page, then start weeding out what traffic sources are converting and which aren’t. With the right mixture of custom landing pages, geo-targeting and the ability to track whats converting and what isn’t, you should be able to start creating successful ad campaign in no time.

While there are many tracking solutions out there to choose from, many affiliates continue to use Tracking 202 not just because its free, but because it works. Since the release of Tracking202, it’s completely changed the way affiliates build campaigns, and make money online. There is simply no other “free” solution out there like it.

Tracking 202 Support Videos

It’s always great to use software that comes with full tutorial videos, and that is exactly what Tracking 202 has offered through their web site. In addition to the set of videos that Tracking 202 have provided, many affiliates and users have their own videos to share with others as well. Be sure to visit Google Video or YouTube and search for “tracking 202”, and you will find a ton of relevant videos.

You can view the video below to get a basic idea of how to install and setup Tracking 202 to work with landing pages.

Download Tracking 202

As mentioned earlier, Tracking 202 is a free solution, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t download the software and try it out. It will take some time for you to master the software and everything it’s capable of, but fortunately they have a lot of video tutorials and there are plenty of resource blogs and affiliate forums out there to help you along the way.

Click here to visit the Tracking 202 web site and download your copy of the free tracking software.

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