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topify mobile application

As a marketer, we sure love our forums. I can show you leader after leader who began their profitable business from daily and consistent work in forums. If they did it, why shouldn’t you? Not only are there , but you have the opportunity to meet others in your target market and drive traffic to your websites.

While it’s a relatively new space in mobile apps, there are essentially three major competitors in the forum space. Forumrunner, Tapatalk, and now Topify. Many twitter users will recognize the name Topify, as it used to be a pretty powerful way to manage your account via email.

Topify’s focus has since changed and is now competing directly in the mobile forum space. Imagine being able to participate in your favorite forums on your mobile phone. This free app allows you to do that on either iOS and Android devices, as it’s available for both.

Below are some of the reasons why I really love Topify already:

1. Easy to discover forums by enhanced search and by category












This is great if you want to find new forums to start participating in. Will you find new forums to add to your list?

2. Private threaded messaging system

private messaging system for topify













Responding to threads is one thing, but Topify allows you the ability to communicate privately with other forum members. How neat is that?

3. BBCode integration

This is consistent with many of the forums online. It’s nice to see the same consistency from desktop to mobile devices.

4. View embedded files within the application

This is obviously a no brainer on forums, especially when you’re on a technical forum and you need to be able to show someone the issues you’re having.

5.  Free to use

The other forum competitors charge a premium for their mobile apps; however, Topify is free. Such a brilliant move, as they’ll be able to get more users. Nothing will stop people from using the app.

6. Be able to earn revenue from page views

I don’t exactly know how Topify was able to pull this off, but forum users can monetize the page views. This is just fantastic, as forums are generally a great way to earn money. People love forums and tend to visit them more often than other webpages.


I suspect this space will continue to grow even more now that Topify has entered the game. For the reasons mentioned above, I believe they’ve got the best application for experiencing forums on mobile devices. Will you download the app and begin participating in some of your favorite forums? I’d love to hear your experiences with it. 🙂


John Rampton is a PPC Entrepreneur, Author, Founder at Due a finance company helping small business owners. Follow me on Twitter @johnrampton

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