The internet is flooded with new designers launch, new advancements in technology for 2019. The New Year also brings lots of changes in web design ideas too. From colors to alignments, from borders to themes and layouts, everything has been given a new look from 2018. If you want to meet the new challenges of website design simply follow these useful ideas to make your website look more trendy.

Flat designs

The world tends to go vibrant in the past few years. Since 2017 the flat design has evolved with the subtle and classy layout to websites. The same old design has been come up with more smooth and more white surfaces. Keeping in mind the viewer’s choice, the heavy animation takes time to load; white background makes it easy to navigate through. 2019 will follow semi-flat designs as website designers have to work more on minimalist in depth layout approach. In simple words, the design would be under scroll despite the depth in animation and illustrations.

3D designs

People want to see it live and moving. 3D designs are becoming more and more valuable. Natural images and round shapes will going to rule this year. More companies are getting involved in 3D rendering techniques and working on VR and AR technologies.

Custom Graphics

Users these days enjoy higher resolution screens with less loading images. Don’t just rely on a stock of images just give a kick over to customizing design. It will not only make your website more unique but will make the user scroll through more on your site. 50% of the web is based on graphics, followed by vibrant colors and images with animated effects.

Split screen

To make your site more user-friendly and responsive towards the searcher. Split content is part of the website these days. Text content on left side and images or animations on the right side on a single screen make it more peculiar, one can vary according to business. It helps the user to scroll less and get more information within a screen. Avoid too much clutter and layout must be simplistic, edgy and bold.

Video and Animations

Once YouTube steals the show with its videos but now videos find its ways to stay on the website and display. 2019 is all about displaying product details to business insights, providing lifestyles glimpses to showcasing technology advancements in a short video. Viewers will stick to your site if providing accurate and to the point information in a few minutes video. The moving objects showing irregular grids and subtle layouts will win the game this year.

On the other hand, animations will also keep growing. More rich animations will be used widely with flat patterns and easy formats making it more adorable to users.

Responsive Design

The design of the website must be responsive according to the device it’s been scrolled through. This is the story of 2019; people becoming more accustomed towards mobiles need the world in their hand. Google has also defined the compatibility of the website depends on its user-friendly approach.

2.5 billion Of the world’s population is using mobiles in 2019, 1.28 billion were using tablet pc in 2018. The designers this year tend to use more mobile-friendly layouts to reach their desired audience.

Infact most of the popular search engine like Google, Bing and Yahoo has 90% of traffic comes from wireless devices such as iPhone, android phones & tablet PC. It is the biggest reason behind the conversion of desktop to the mobile version.

Speedy loads

This year designers will be looking not only to speedy loads with minimum designs. Instead, with a past year experience, they need to work on the website with more design, full-width content and speed in load. The user is attracted towards more trendy and full-length content than just easy loads and poor material. Designers must be focusing on the overall layout of their webpage and not just depending on fast loadings.

Color Contrast

Vibrant, Bold and elegant colors were the trend from 2018, still makes it voes in 2019. More contrasting color with semi-flat layouts will give a dynamic look to a web page. More vivid colors and animated elements must be present in overall appearance. The tabs and logo of your website must be colorful to gain attention. Any animated transition with a contrasting color tab will surely engage your users to scroll next.

Layered Images

The latest trends are all about the overlapping of images, bold colors with typography. The damaged broken images will be part of 2019 and landing pages might be filled with it. Designers tend to mix the animated typography with gradient color layouts for more glitching effect.


Frameworks are part of web development and it has also updated with the evolution of time. 2019 also manages to pull out a lot of framework as a tool to be part of any project. There are multiple frameworks to choose from

  • Ruby on rails
  • Django
  • Larval
  • React Js

These are a few web development frameworks which designer might use in 2019. Frameworks with CSS properties will be part of large projects. Designers tend to revive the old frameworks rather indulging in new ones.

Prototype Designing

The designers want it accurate and exactly what they want to create. The prototyping is a bit complex and time-consuming technique. Thus designers tend to improve designing and implementing prototyping tools like Proto i.o, mock plus, UX pin to enhance their skills. They will follow and use more and more of the latest prototyping tools to reduce the complexity of the design.


2019 aims at improving websites while keeping in mind all the elements of designing. With improvements in old techniques and enhancement in the latest, web designing will go an easy friendly way to users. It he now becomes friendlier to the mobile version as compare to the web. The reason behind this change is number of increasing Smartphone users worldwide.

Aban works as a SEO Expert in Getz SEO Services. He has been working here for three years.

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