Think of someone successful in the internet marketing or ppc space?  How did you get to know them?  I can bet that more than 90% of you found your person(s) from reading their blog, tweets, Facebook posts, presentations or blog comments.  These key people are out there writing. What bigger hint do you need than that?  The #1 thing successful internet marketers do is write.  Stop reading and start writing.

Do you think he/she became an internet success overnight?  Do you think they read tons of blog posts and then went and wrote a hugely successful one because of what they learned?  NO!  They started by writing on their own and they kept writing, writing and writing.  They practiced, practiced, practiced.  They continue to practice and improve their skills with each and every thing they write.  So stop reading everything you can click your mouse on and start writing.

Here are the only tips you need to start writing:

General Writing Tips#1 Think Successful Internet Marketers Do

  • Be yourself
  • Interact, don’t hide behind a curtain
  • Commit to writing on Twitter, Facebook and blogs every day, it’s not just a one-time thing
  • Add value to the topic or conversation, don’t just click retweet or the share button.  WRITE your own blurb and add to the story
  • Start with an 80/20 rule.  80% of the writing you do is about adding to what others are saying and promoting them, while the other 20% is writing and promoting your own.
  • Write!

Some Additional Points

Here’ a little more if you want to read.  Let’s consider some things that are factors in successful internet marketing.


We all want links and links help us rank better and build our site up in the search engines. How do we get links? Well, we write content and then get people to link to that content. Once again, we WRITE content. Then after that, we WRITE to others reaching out for links. Granted we should be interacting with them on twitter, Facebook, blog comments, or something before we send an email, but, all of this is writing. Polish the skill and continue writing in all these mediums to find success in building links.

Social Signals

Tweets, Facebook shares, +1’s on Google, etc. are all social signals that weigh into the algorithm of where you rank and your website’s credibility. If you WRITE and interact with others on these mediums and share others content, you’re more likely to get your own tweets, likes, shares, +1’s etc.

Ad Copy

Websites and search engines show ads and many opportunities come from paid search or pay per click marketing. You can increase the click-through-rate of your ads and increase revenue through effective ad copy. This takes WRITING and testing different ad copies.

Those are just a few of the different important factors that can help you become a successful internet marketer. Bottom line is that it all takes writing, that’s how you communicate on the internet. So, start writing, start practicing, and start polishing!

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