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Search Engine Optimization or SEO has emerged as the most potent weapon to drive organic growth in the online search space. Given that 67% of all clicks go to the first five organic results on the search engine results page (SERP), businesses would thrive when they get their SEO strategy right.

Technological advancement in recent times has resulted in the rapid growth of SEO techniques. It’s not only businesses that are employing SEO techniques, but consumers also have an increased inclination to approach the internet for fulfilling their needs. Increasingly prevalent use of the internet by people is the primary motivator for businesses to have better websites and excellent visibility.

But before you learn the benefits of SEO and the top six reasons why you should focus on SEO in 2020, you should know what exactly SEO is?

SEO in brief 

Search engine optimization is the process aimed at increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to your website. SEO increases the visibility of your website to the users of a web search engine, which leads to more traffic to your site. SEO results in the improvement of unpaid traffic, and it does not consider direct visitors, paid placements, etc.
Below are the top six reasons why you should focus on affordable SEO in 2020.

1 – Organic search 

Organic search is the most significant reason why SEO is essential. Organic search is responsible for the large part of website traffic. It’s because users believe in the SERPs – search engine results page. And SEO makes sure that your website showcases itself on the results page.

Ultimately, it leads to an increment in the organic traffic to your business.

SEO optimizes your website and improves its quality; you will also have original and attractive content on your website by using SEO. When SEO betters your website in various aspects, then Google improves the organic ranking of your website.

2 – Results from SEO will last longer

SEO is not a product that you can apply once and expect results. Instead, it’s a long-term process, and the results of SEO will earn you profit over many weeks. You have to be patient while working with SEO because it’s an organic process, and it needs time to take effect.

There are many paid campaigns and paid strategies available if you are looking for an instant boost in the visibility of your website, but their results are often short-lived. In contrast, SEO is relatively cheaper, although it takes time to show results.

3 – Fosters trust and spreads brand awareness 

SEO builds trust among visitors to your website, and it also accounts for spreading brand awareness, which is one of the reasons why SEO is crucial for your business. Plus, you get the additional benefits of being placed among the top results of the search engine. It helps customers to recognize your brand and also instills faith in them for your brand.

SEO intends to make your website clean and efficient; it also provides an excellent user interface. SEO will allow easy navigation for the user, which leads to a better ranking of your website in the Google search pages.

4 – Offers a smooth experience to users

SEO allows you to have a website that gets specially designed for visitors. Until recently, there was a notion that the use of keywords would up the website ranking. But, the changes in the algorithm of the search engine now require your website to provide a seamless user experience.

SEO is the significant factor which is soothing the user experience, and it’s one the considerable benefit of affordable SEO in India. Smooth user experience leads to more clicks and leads, which in turn gives you more business.

5 – SEO is traceable

By using Google Analytics, you can assess the data on your website. It shows the current position of your website and the position you want to reach. SEO techniques help you to minimize the gap between two of the positions and help you to accomplish the desired top ranking.

The right way of doing SEO starts with conducting an overall assessment of your website. And further, look for areas that need improvement. SEO is traceable because you can keep track of your actions and results generated by it.

6 – The right content will lead to higher conversion 

Content is the king in SEO and digital marketing. SEO enables you to have fresh, original, and engaging content on your website. SEO also targets the audience by using keywords. It means you can reach the consumers that are looking for the service/products you offer. When you target the audience using the right keywords and attractive content, then it shoots up the conversion rate.

On a final note

SEO techniques offer a sure-shot way to escalate the organic traffic to your website. Although it’s a long-term process, the benefits you reap from affordable SEO in India will last for years as well. With an ever-growing and competitive digital market, you have to beat your competitors to stay in business. And SEO enables you to hold the top position, that’s why you should focus on SEO in 2020.

Yogesh Mittal is working as an SEO Analyst in Green Web Media. He enjoys writing about digital marketing insights, trends, and updates on various prestigious platforms.

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