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Search engine optimisation – three words that can make and break a website. A successful website can be deemed as one that gains a lot of traffic. Whilst there are many different traffic sources out there, the one we all want is organic search engine traffic. The ability to gain free, contextual and consistent traffic is something that appeals to a lot of website owners, especially since organic traffic tends to bring in a high percentage of new visitors too.

So what is the secret to gaining organic traffic? To be quite frank, nobody knows except for Google, since they do not publicly make apparent the algorithms they use to rank websites. But, they do help guide websites in the right direction, so here are a few tips to help get more organic traffic.


Post Consistent Content

An article is only as good as the website that it is published onto. For example, if I posted this article on a brand new domain website, as opposed to here, we can all agree the SEO ranking of the post would be better on than on an unknown website.

This is because websites have domain authority that influence the ranking of individual content. The more you post onto a website (and by post, I mean high quality content), the higher the domain authority will be for the website, helping to increase all of your articles’ SEO ranking.


Use Yoast or Rank Math

If you are using WordPress as the platform for blogging on your website, it is a necessity to make sure you are using a SEO plugin to automatically help you determine the SEO ranking of your individual articles.

As a quick comparison of the two best SEO plugins, Yoast and Rank Math, Yoast Premium is probably better than Rank Math, but Rank Math is free (and better than the free version of Yoast).


Internally Link

When you internally link in your articles, you are, in essence, making a ‘spiderweb’ of articles linked all to one another, which strengthens the SEO of all of them when crawl robots search through your content.

Not only this, but internal links help to keep web users on your website. In general, the longer web users are on your website, the better. It is particularly good when web users click onto a link from a search engine, land onto your website, and don’t resort back to the search engine results page, be it through staying on your website by clicking onto another link. This is because it tells the search engine that the web user actually found the link they displayed in their search engine useful, providing more reason to increase the ranking of it.

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