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The affiliate marketing industry is like no other. No matter the age, location, gender, race or anything, can stop you from building your own business and making money online… and that’s the way it should be! With more and more people finding their way to the affiliate marketing industry, it also means more people are posting news and looking for quality resources as well. In this post I highlight some of my favorite sites for finding the latest news, tips and tricks in the world of affiliate marketing.


A collection of well known affiliate marketing blogs, put together by AffPaying.com, AffDaily is growing in size and readership every day. With an easy to navigate web site and quick listings for the top daily, previous day and weekly posts, it makes for a great homepage for any affiliate marketer. (Facebook Fan Page)


AffBuzz was one of the first affiliate marketing new resource sites, and has become a cult classic among veterans in the industry. AffDaily and AffBuzz share a similar concept and design, but they also offer a nice mixture of content, and usually never highlight the same stories. (Facebook Fan Page)


One of the newer players in the affiliate marketing space, but quickly gaining attention, is IMToday. From trending blog posts, news and forum discussions, their site has everything a marketer is looking for. To get the most out of their web site, become a free member and start bookmarking your favorite posts, while also eliminating any content and sites you don’t want to show up in their daily news feeds. With over 250 different internet marketing resources, you are sure to find a ton of great content that wets your money making appetite.

Twitter Affiliate Marketing

Web sites and blogs aren’t the only resource you need to visit to get your fill of affiliate marketing news. Take yourself over to Twitter and start following some of the masters of affiliate marketing, while also receiving feeds from many of your favorite web sites. My friend @JonathanVolk has created a great list of nearly 500 affiliate marketers who are currently on Twitter. To follow them all, simply follow his Affiliate Marketing list.

StackThatMoney Forum

There are two types of content available on the internet right now… free and premium. The majority of blogs out there are sharing great content, but many of them are not giving the secret sauce, or what they are really making money with. That is where StackThatMoney forums comes into play. With a premium monthly membership of $100/month, you will have full access to amazing content, case studies, tutorials, support and a massive collection of marketing tools that were created just for StackThatMoney members. (Facebook Fan Page)

IMGrind Forum

Last but not least, another excellent premium forum called IMGrind. The talents behind the IMGrind forum are Ruck Ralphman and Ryan Gray, but excellent marketers with a ton of success behind them. As a member of IMGrind, you will have access to some great content, tutorials and out of the ordinary tutorials for building web sites and ad campaigns that are making people some serious money. The cost for a monthly subscription to IMGrind is $77/month. (Facebook Fan Page)

Top Affiliate Marketing News Sites

I’ve shared my personal list with you of sites that I visit on a daily basis. Now you can do the same! Please feel free to leave a comment below with any of your favorite affiliate marketing sites and resources.

Zac Johnson is a online marketer with 15 years of experience and also a blogger at BloggingTips.com and ZacJohnson.com, as well as the author of Blogging Tips: Confessions of a Six Figure Blogger on Amazon.com.

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