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Including links in your websites and blogs is a better and intelligent move towards adding more traffic to your site. Website building has become more updated now and making it more popular among people. Links are more essential to a website as it lets the users to directly navigate to the requested page of the website. If you have not placed links on your website, then you have very few chances to get more visitors for your site. You may even lose some of your regular customers too because of no easy navigation feature on your website. But, posting links are not an easy job. It should be more effective to take advantages from it. Placing proper links has become an important aspect of SEO. But, committing mistakes in that is common which will give nothing beneficial for you from your website. New Google algorithm are very strict towards link building techniques. So let us take a look at the major link building mistakes that you have to avoid doing.

1. Posting useless or waste links in your site

This is a very common link building mistakes bloggers nowadays overlook. Though links are necessary for a website, posting too much of links in one page of a website will make it too messy.  It is said that you can use as many no-follow links as you want but using too many of do-follow links are harmful for your blog.  Some of the search engines like Google will give priority to do-follow links whereas other search engines will not care for it. The do-follow links will be useful for you when you want to build up the reputation for your website.

2. Too much of links in a small time gap

This link building mistakes is done by bloggers who accepts every comments (necessary and unnecessary) to show their blogs popularity. Too many comments in a short period of time may alert Google about that blog’s ethical approach so Google or other search engines can de-rank it. Two most important ways to overcome that is by including rel=”nofollow” to the commentators website/blog links or by using Disquss commenting system.

3. Posting links on comments

None but spammers nowadays does that. But still you must know (if you have ever thought of doing this) that this is a “crime” in the eyes of search engines and not to mention a very important link building mistakes. This becomes the most common issue nowadays. Posting links on comment does not only limited to blog posts comments. You can see this issue majorly in social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. People while posting comments on someone status updates, photos or blogs tends to post a link on their comment thinking that it will attract many visitors to their sites. Most of the WordPress blogs and sites have rules to restrict this like by using Akismet or Jetpack they have some inbuilt features to automatically delete comments with link in them. Many sites nowadays uses premium plugins like CommentLuv this plugins provide a link back to the latest blog post of the commentator’s blog.

4. Selling/Paid links

A grievous link building mistake every blogger makes now and then. Selling links to someone or buying links can make you feel the worst part of your life in online business. The search engines will take the utmost action of banning your website from the search engine services online for the complete period, if they find that you either sold or bought a link from other sources. It is a kind of suicidal attempt from your side. The process of finding the link transactions is easy for the search engines as everything is originated from the internet.

5. Social profile for the links

This is the latest trend in the online market and another link building mistake as there is more popularity for the social networking concept. The process of publicizing your links through social networking medium is a simple actually, but the effects of it will be too worse than you think. Many mediators are there to accomplish this task for you. But, it will for sure create negative results for your website and you have to be very careful about that.

6. No keyword for the links

Simply inserting a link in the middle of the page or somewhere else without mentioning any keyword related to it is totally hopeless and useless. The search engines can pick your site only through the mentioned keywords and it is necessary to come up with the related keywords for each and every link that you post on your website which may boost up your visitors.

7. Using same anchor text for all links

The search engines are not going to punish you for this, but the results won’t be that much effective. You can provide same anchor text to most of the links, but it will result in considering you as a spammer or someone who loads too much of anchor text links in a website. The anchor texts should be something related to the link and so, posting the same anchor text for all the links make you a spammer. If the anchor texts are used perfectly, then it will bring more traffic to your website and in the reverse case it does no goodness for you and your website.


Links are the perfect way to attract more visitors to your site, but when done carefully and perfectly. Even a small mistake can make your situation worse and your website get banned from the internet search engine services. You should be so careful about that. Try to take care of all the above said common mistakes and be a champion on link building!

The article is written by Debarshi Ghosh Dastidar. He is a blogger and SEO analyst working for WebCreationUK. They provides the best website development and uk seo services. To know more about them follow them on Twitter.

Debarshi Ghosh Dastidar is a part time blogger and self taught web designer. He can be found most of the time on Twitter tweeting useful blogging as well as designing tips.

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